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Here is my latest choreography, I’ve always love this song but never done anything to it, so here it is! Oh and yes I shaved my hair!!! Don’t make any decisions drunk!!!!! But I needed a change so its all good!!! Hope you will like it as much as I loved teaching this one, It was yet again another great sold out class in Los Angeles!

Love from Nyc

Yanis xx

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21 Responses

  1. Ninjawarioor Rami says:


  2. Susana Garcia Dias says:

  3. Jennifer Smith says:

    I have seen other videos by Aisha, Yanis and Danielle. At first, I was taken by their choregraphy, but now, blah. This entire company seems to do the same moves. over and again. This tells me that they lack the real depth of a professional dancer.

  4. Natalia Francisca says:

    hebe love yanis marshall

  5. Leonardo Tulino says:

    Tant d'amour t'as vu dancin <3

  6. Leina Ferreira says:

    Yes no

  7. 김건희 says:

    무릎관절 다나간다 이그

  8. Adriana Godoy says:

    Se me paro el bicho

  9. Magaly Molina says:

    Me enamoré del último chico ❤ baila increíble, movimientos perfectos y the last freestyle fue lo mejor…EXCELLENTE

  10. Donnie Hagy says:

    Back when Yanis was pertinent…

  11. Natalia Kitova says:

    Yanis Marshall красавчик. В своих танцах он умеет чувствовать музыку всем телом. Мне его танцы нравятся.

  12. MIRELA CIUREA says:

    Wooooow! Magnifique! Merçi beaucoup! Je t'aime

  13. Cristy Brown says:

    @5:00 gorgeous orange heels

  14. Ezequiel oliveira says:

    Love yanis de+ ❤

  15. kitty so says:

    I'm 54 and I love you guys. When I'm sick and tired or when life as me downI watched you guys dance and all of a sudden I'm happy and i just can't help but smile… Thank you!!! i only wish I could dance…

  16. Prince Mazilankatha says:

    these guys can turn a straight guy to be gay ,south Africa approve

  17. Walison França says:

  18. not your name says:

    ….i never tought that guys with high heels….looked so good ._.

    but oml, all of the dancers were AMAZING!!!!!

    and imma now go and steal all of the high heels c:<

  19. eddy deprez says:

    Chaque année

  20. AYKHAN VLOG'S says:

    какого Патрика там мужик на каблуках

  21. Lakhi Daniels says:

    ok that last guy slayed it

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