Why Dancing with the Stars Won’t Have 2019 Springtime Run?

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Sad new for DWTS fans! No Springtime Show in 2019
Dancing with the Stars recently ended its twenty seventh season and that too in a controversial way. After Bobby Bones was announced the winner, many fans took their dissatisfaction to social media. Amidst the polarizing controversy, ABC has canceled its springtime run for 2019. Watch the video to find out why!

DWTS 2019 | 0:19
DWTS Season 27 | 0:28
DWTS Bobby Bones | 0:37
DWTS Tom Bergeron | 0:55

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4 Responses

  1. MyHowBook says:

    6 Dancing with the Stars Couples Who are Still Going Strong!


  2. Susie Wenner says:

    If you wanted someone else to win you should have voted. Blame yourself for not voting. I will miss DWTS very much in spring.

  3. Sherri French says:

    You never know what a person has gone through to be where they are today. The people voted and the results are what they are.

  4. Diana Dobson says:

    Get a life you IDIOT'S. It's only a show. And just because favorite didn't win is no reason to act like BRATS. LOTS OF TIMES MY FAVORITE DIDN'T WIN I GOT OVER IT. SO SHOULD YOU.

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