Trainwreck Of Electro Swing – A Hat In Time Remix

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This is an Electro Swing Remix of the “Crazy Science Owls” theme i wrote for A Hat In Time. Since the song was a bit of a fan favourite in the beta I thought it would be fun to present you this new Electro Swing version. A Hat In Time’s soundtrack covers a wide range of genres and the original version of the song played during Chapter 3, Act 1: Trainwreck of Science and had a 1930’s inspired Big Band sound.

Game: A Hat In Time
Developer: Gears For Breakfast
Release Date: TBA
Platform: PC & Mac

A Hat in Time – Crazy Science Owls (Trainwreck of Science)
Original Music written by Pascal Michael Stiefel
Remixed, ReArranged and Orchestrated by Pascal Michael Stiefel

You can listen to the original version of the song here :

A Hat in Time – Crazy Science Owls (Trainwreck of Science)

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A Hat in Time is available in Beta for PC & Mac:
Official Website:
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36 Responses

  1. Bendy The Ink Demon says:

    this is pretty much a meme with sonic now

  2. Peter Marsella says:

    "Twenty seconds left. We're doomed"

  3. shelby mcsweeney says:

    Could someone make a 10 hour version of this please?

  4. Ziggy The Cat Official says:

    excuse me as make this my ringtone

  5. Gabe TEM says:

    I Smug Hat Kid approve this song.

  6. The Rebirth of the Alleviator says:

    Did anyone heard this in Egg party?

  7. Maya Aguilar says:

    Category: gaming

    Kind of

  8. Maya Aguilar says:

    One of my favorite music genres!

    Then what's your favorite



  9. Kodokush says:

    1:25x speed

    you're welcome

  10. Gabriel Santos says:

    Egg party

  11. Galaxy says:

    Some cunt introduced me to this song tbh it is honestly a good song sadly I thank him for that

  12. MerokoGames says:

    Who came from touhous bizzare adventure?
    Or is it only me?

  13. Toxic Bubbles says:

    When your out of moonshine, but you’ve got a tommy in trunk and a speakeasy at the corner.

  14. Sharp tooth the Lego tyrannosaurus says:

    This is the best thing my ears ever heard I love a hat in time

  15. fucking ass 1234 says:


  16. austin powers says:

    very groovy baby!

  17. That One Random Guy says:

    I'd kill for a top hat like Hat Kid's.

  18. TheMaDogZ says:

    dances furiously

  19. Fawfuls TNT Egg TV says:

    Who else came from Patafoin's sprite animation, Egg Party?

  20. Justin P. says:

    Im from baldi

  21. Edvin Gustafsson says:

    Make a mod so i can play this in the actual thing. Anyone just please!

  22. Catherine Burse says:

    This game is cute. Never played it before. But i know it's Cute.

  23. Tollfee Gaming says:

    trolling music

  24. DABOSS says:

    if the game has a sound track like this its gotta be good

  25. RayQ Cina says:

    Lythero brought me here.

  26. Santenoturtle says:

    Please do Battle of Award 42

  27. Hikaren says:

    I finally found it… after so many years

  28. He dunt scare me Nun says:


  29. Jxudo says:

    Am I the only one who expects unfounded revenge to play at the beginning?

  30. Random Matrix says:

    Wer ist auch hier wegen Zombey?

  31. Inkly says:

    Ha ha
    the comments
    Spoilers: it's in the game

  32. hotchrispycorn YouTube says:

    I came because of Egg Party.

  33. Wardency says:

    I know my favorite type of music I LOVE ELECTRO SWING

  34. green been says:

    This is gonna be released in the seal the deal dlc, right?

  35. He dunt scare me Nun says:

    Listened to the game remix also the both sound identical

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