Tokyo Dance Trooper in Shibuya

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Previous version made it to the top of (a snapshot of it).

Was rather happy when Lucasfilm sent mail saying that it gave them a giggle 😉

Video was shot right after the party that YouTube invited us to – the “YouTube Mix” in Omotesando where we got to meet the co-founder of YouTube Steve Chen. T’was a great party.

This time round, the codpiece came off half way through so we didn’t shoot that much this time. Going to glue that codpiece down and attempt to do some more dancing in another location around Tokyo.
Music by the fab
Camera work by Hector at
The most awesome saga at
danny choo

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34 Responses

  1. Mozzarella Sticks says:


  2. TacComControl says:

    I can hear the loud clacking of plastic plates hitting each other over and over again in my head…

  3. justin chlopek says:

    I can't believe this doesn't have more views. You aren't a OG if you haven't seen this

  4. LPS Candyyy says:

    Danny…why r u weirder then me?!

  5. TethiusGames says:

    I really hope you didn't stop doing this! These videos really made me feel better when I was younger, and to see them, it's still
    so great!

  6. Cassidy Wyland says:

    2018 anyone???

  7. DeepCupsChan119 says:

    Love this country

  8. Sakii Channel says:

    The force is still strong in this one xD watching this again 2007-2018

  9. OzzyOscy says:

    When your death star gets blown up, but you escaped in time and your millions of credits in compensation comes through.

  10. Hugo C says:

    For anybody wondering the song in this video is: Laura More – Ai No Corrida (DJ Remix version)

  11. Shu Sasaki says:

    A more civilised age, way before logan paul

  12. Megaherz says:

    This shit brings me peace and happiness!

  13. Lightzpy says:

    11 years ago i was 7 uwu

  14. Lightzpy says:

    Flip phones ahhhhh

  15. Blasian ZX says:

    This needs to be in a youtube archive called legends along with the double rainbow guy

  16. C.T. MacDo says:

    Lol my first favorited video on YouTube

  17. MislaidAlbum says:

    I miss Shibuya.

  18. Maymunah Kelly says:


  19. Cat King says:

    2018 version please.

  20. EGI VLOG's says:

    Who is watching this in 2018?

  21. OneHitWarrior1 says:

    2018 comment

  22. diabeticon87 says:

    I cannot believe i was jammin to this 10 years ago…

  23. ライナー・ブラウン says:

    Hi ‼︎

  24. Quentin Fisdeup says:

    We want a remake

  25. Joy Chakravarty says:

    People are acting so normally I'd be like wtf

  26. crossgatezombie says:

    old youtube, so genuine

  27. Zepher says:

    Oh the nostalgia

  28. Chibdibs says:

    Danny Choo why aren't there more Tokyo Dance Trooper videos! You said subscribe! 10 years later there's no update! ;-; so sad

  29. Hina Natsuri says:

    happy day

  30. Big Moe says:


  31. カメレモングラス says:


  32. Darryl Gibbs says:

    Fuck me 10 years ago

  33. TechnologyGuy 4life says:

    If I had a storm trooper uniform I definitely dance all day

  34. daiukuun says:

    i fucking found it Yeeeeeees

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