todd carty stumble off stage – dancing on ice

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this is probably the funniest moment on dancing on ice!!!!!! he even returns.

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9 Responses

  1. mark conroy says:

    Still laughing in 2019

  2. tiger feet says:

    Comedy gold

  3. Michelle Cornell says:

    I cried with laughing absolutely brilliant

  4. Adelphi says:


  5. Luca Munro says:

    Much better when he isn't a frekin Kent (The Bill reference)

  6. athena_n28 says:

    I cried it was so funny

  7. jumpingjackjaggers says:

    One of the best moments on television ever

  8. Damian Meadowcroft says:

    This never stops making me laugh!!!

  9. barbie42uk says:

    he stumbled and went backstage hahahahahhhhhhaaahhh i laugh more and more at it everyday he was evil on the bill mwahaha

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