Tim Healy confronts Jason Gardiner on Dancing On Ice 2011

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Denise Welch husband Tim Healy confronts Jason Gardiner on Dancing On Ice 2011 week 9.

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40 Responses

  1. mastermind says:


  2. 97channel says:

    He just pretended that his breath was an issue, to make an excuse as to why he backed off from him. Real reason being he was cacking himself.

  3. Euro-African says:

    And Denise Welch thanked Tim Healey by divorcing him and remarrying barely a year later lol!

  4. lord geoffrey says:

    Typical bitch woman,not defending her man,no wonder he divorced the tramp
    And Gay Jason has no right to talk about hygienie,who knows how many arses he has had in his mouth

  5. Beth Clark says:

    Look at Matts face! Love him

  6. doublelengua says:

    that homosexual is hilarious though.

  7. doublelengua says:

    this show is sooo boring.

  8. Richard Fitzhenry says:

    Tim Healy should have belted the aussie poof

  9. Sam Alcock says:

    What rock? What "shit" will I miss? What exactly does your comment mean? I know he's off of Benidorm, hence why I said it in my comment a year ago, and in that year, I haven't missed much shit.

  10. Mathewmartialart says:

    if you couldnt see that she was making a odd situation and bit of fun, and the fact that was his character on that show, you need to get from under that rock or you will miss a lot of shit happening.

  11. 67goldtops says:

    A few things…As the recipient of my comment was an American, not a Brit, your point regarding the British spelling of civilized is irrelevant. Further, seeing you just typed an entire paragraph without bothering to use even one comma, your silly post is nothing more than a stunning example of irony. Perhaps punctuation isn't taught as faithfully as "spelling" in England? Try harder next time. OK, clown?

  12. ukstevey says:

    @sarahtriumph nice life you got there

  13. Gav Tatu says:

    tim healy, ex para….shoulda belt him, lol !

  14. 67goldtops says:


    "If you was an educated man…"

    Perhaps you meant, "If you WERE an educated man…"

    Oh, the irony!

    Yes, it makes me laugh too!

  15. 67goldtops says:



  16. 67goldtops says:


    Let me know if Mummsy & Daddy need some recommendations of Maui restaurants that offer kiddie menus. We wouldn't want you to go hungry over there. OK, Mr Hyper-Diaper??

  17. 67goldtops says:


    You play nice now, Junior. Or Mummsy & Daddy won't take you swimming with the dolphins when they bring you to Maui. OK??

  18. theleithboy1 says:

    healy should have broke that boring wankers jaw. what a cunt he is with the cap. having said that the programme is shit, and welsh, well what can you say. cock mad ha ha. and poor old tim hasnt got a clue. now you crazy kids, i have a english bull terrier. a big bastard he is, i dont work, well not in a conventional way. i buy and sell coke and i make plenty money. in fact david cameron would be proud of me, as i have a thriving business and employ people, maybe i should go on the apprentice.

  19. 67goldtops says:


    First of all, I don't own a Pit Bull.

    Secondly, I have a BA from Boston University and in my business, make more money than your entire family.

    Lastly, you couldn't ignore me if you tried.

    Now, get back to your "rectal insemination" jokes, little video game boy.

  20. 67goldtops says:


    So yes, like I said before…You don't HAVE a valid opinion regarding Pit Bulls, nor any other breed. You couldn't put a basic obedience title on your Granny's Golden Retriever. If I were to ask you to comment on ANY aspect of canine behavior, genetics, or training, you'd be completely lost. Yet you comment on "discussing in an educated manner." Laughable. In the meantime, how is it that Teddy Roosevelt owned Pit Bulls? Oh wait, he was "uneducated scum." lol

    Huh, Mr CIVILISED?

  21. 67goldtops says:



    More quality entertainment! Are you sure it's not CIVILIZED?? Man, you are entertaining, I'll give you that. As amusing is your banter accusing ME of "obsession with gay sex," just 7 hours after you suggested I receive a "artificial insemination in my rectal cavity." lol. It seems you're projecting a bit, huh my illiterate friend? But hey, good luck on your "2 month holiday in Maui." Man, I wonder how your oh-so-successful career will survive that long w/out you. LOL!

  22. 67goldtops says:



    Is that anything like GRAMMAR? Too funny, the guy who attempts to frame his illiteracy as TYPOS. FYI, a typo is when your finger mistakenly hits the wrong key. Being an uneducated piece of trash who thinks the past tense of fit is FITTED, is different. That's YOU. As for your cliched, out of gas remarks re working dogs, I simply laugh. ATTACK DOGS?? lol. Are they like working dogs who are trained in personal protection?? ATTACK DOGS. Get back to your video games, son.

  23. 67goldtops says:


    Do yourself a favor by viewing and commenting on ice dancing videos, as you're clearly well-versed on the subject. I read your silly, cliched banter on the "Real Pit Bull" video. Clearly you've not a clue of what you're attempting to write about. So yeah, stick around here where you belong. Ok, clown?

  24. RosaGinger12 says:

    @paulallan1000 stop being so mean! Abigail
    May only be 13 but she is acting more mature than you! She is allowed to have a personal opinion, as is everyone, but you shouldn't go around trying to change it. And you are the one who should get some respect, talking like that to a 13 year old!

  25. SAFCDavid09 says:

    Gab on Dennis, get Oz and Bomber onto him! Oh wait….

  26. paulallan1000 says:

    @abigaillouise1997 You're boring me now go talk to Denise, as if she would waste her time on a nomark like you

  27. Sam Alcock says:

    "Only the transvestite off Benidorm" she says, after he's stuck up for her.
    Denise and Jason suit well, they're both a pair of fucking rotters.

  28. paulallan1000 says:

    @abigaillouise1997 You wrote that you talk to Denise so i'm assuming that you are friendly with her in some way.If not why write it and then deny it you foolish little child,and unless you can have a proper conversation and act like an adult i will speak to you like a spoilt little child

  29. paulallan1000 says:

    @abigaillouise1997 Since you were young,you are young you foolish little idiot,and as for talking to Denise did you see her in the street one day and say hello.I've met and said hello to quite a few celebrities in my time it doesn't mean that i am their mate.Listen get a life and stop pretending you're a friend of the stars,there's a word for that its called a STALKER.Come back when you are mature enough to have a decent comment and in the meantime go stare at your Denise pictures on the wall

  30. paulallan1000 says:

    @rees276 No love up north we call them puffs after powder puffs,if you can explain what a poof has to do with queers then complain about the spelling,you'll find that your wrong

  31. Maximus25N says:

    @abigaillouise1997 Tim should have taken Jason to one side after the show and told him if he had a problem with the comments made. Instead, the fame seeking, camera hungry troll came down from the audience on national television to get his bit in. If he did in private, he wouldn't have got humiliated over his breath. But no, he wanted to do in front of the nation cus he couldn't handle being out of the lime light. Idiotic.

  32. paulallan1000 says:

    @abigaillouise1997 Let me guess 1997 thats the year you were born right.That makes you 14 i'm a 38 year old man,so before we begin show some respect.Secondly i have personally seen these two fighting like cat and dog in the middle of a Newcastle nightclub,and heard various stories from other people who have seen the same,i've followed Tim's career since Auf Weidersehen Pet in 1983 and always enjoyed watching him,not just a stupid reality ice show,which kids with your mentality only know him from

  33. paulallan1000 says:

    Tim Healy is a fool not for this for putting up with her shit for years.She left Waterloo Road because he done a guest role and everyone liked him and wanted him in full time,so she left so that he wouldn't be in it,and then he gets the job in Benidorm and then she has to get a role in it the poor man should have kicked her arse out the door years ago.

  34. Razza1091 says:

    It's good to see chimney sweep chic making a comeback. Perhaps w e'll see more 19th century comebacks, like widespread poverty and plague. Perhaps Jason can spearhead the campaign. We all know the UK needs a bit more poverty and plague! And if it can be presented in a stylish and fashionable form by Jason 'It's like faecal matter that won't flush' Gardiner, so much the better!

  35. Maximus25N says:

    I love Jason's facial expressions, he makes that Tim look like a little fucking troll.

  36. sirtinycreep says:

    @Maximus25N Drunken Tim can only stomach his fat ugly wife dancing when he's pi**ed.

  37. sirtinycreep says:

    Tim Healy, what an embarrassment. Both he and Denise are a right chav couple.

  38. Maximus25N says:

    im so glad jason did that to that camera hungry little fuk tard

  39. pooboy19 says:

    everyone knows jason is there for shoch effect.
    the guy has as much"talent" as my little fingers dirt under the fingernail.
    i havent seen him in a great show or doing anything meaningful.
    and he gives gay people a bad name by being a bitchy cunt.
    watching him in his hat tonight makes me think there is people skint all over britain and this cunt pay 20k for a cunt of a hat.

  40. Sarah Triumph says:

    @JacquesZupp Thats insulting to aids and bumholes

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