Three new Strictly Pros for 2017 – Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Launch

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Strictly website: Amy Dowden, Diane Buswell and Nadiya Bychkova set the Strictly dance floor alight with a routine to Single Ladies.

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28 Responses

  1. P Lestrange says:

    Whos here to see Dianne bc of Joe & Dianne this year!?! #Joanneforthewin!

  2. Erin K says:

    lol everything in the comments is Diane

  3. Kill Me Please says:

    Not gonna lie I'm literally in love with Dianne. She's beautiful, amazing and dancing and I LOVE her accent! Irish and Australian are my favourite accents. Also her hair is gorgeous!

  4. Imamdead Inside14 says:

    Dianne = ❤️ shes a great dancer

  5. Georgie Page says:

    DIANNE honestly my new fave person she’s an amazing dancer and soo funny!

  6. Jess Ward says:

    Dianne is incredible

  7. Jess Ward says:

    Dianne needs a lead in the pro group dance for real

  8. Jessica Scott says:


  9. Hey imMeg says:

    Love Diane …… beauty

  10. eavie scott says:

    nadiya is pretty

  11. Sam Gold says:

    The Brunettes look stunning!!

  12. Saint Katie says:

    i actually really really love the mix of songs

  13. Crystal King says:

    I love there dance

  14. Olly Smith says:

    They are all such gorgeous dancers

  15. Katie-Louise King says:

    Loving seeing new girl pros join the Strictly team

  16. Gokkle of Geer says:

    Hasn't the blonde piece done some serious posing in her birthday suit for a certain magazine ?
    RIP The Hef.

  17. Lizzie RBLXandMSP says:

    What if zoella was on strictly come dancing

  18. Jakecob Partyman says:

    diane lol rev coles the joke

  19. Jakecob Partyman says:

    amy and nadiaya go all the way

  20. Kay Masters says:

    thanks for the upload

  21. JamesDelta says:

    I love this arrangement of Single Ladies

  22. fakenuggets says:

    The blond girl is seriously gorgeous

  23. R M says:

    Amy is fierce for people who don't know, best new addition!

  24. Michelle Fox says:

    Did scd start at the weekend? I had relatives arrive and was kept busy. I really believed it was starting at the end of the month. Really upset if I've missed it.What did you think?

  25. Felix Cuthbert says:

    Im quite keen on Diana

  26. Kate says:

    The songs if anyone wants em:-"Happy" by C2C feat. Derek Martin, into (of course…)-"Single Ladies" by Beyoncé 🙂

  27. Temwani Kaumba says:


  28. Evie Poole says:

    They are amazing

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