The Greatest Showman – Rewrite the stars [1080P]

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Canción de la película de 20th Century Fox “The Greatest Showman”.

Mejora de audio y visual: Stark Productions.

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31 Responses

  1. んな says:


  2. Felicitie Sullivan says:

    This is my fav

  3. Liam 219 says:

    “So who can stop me if I decide you’re my destiny?”
    whistle RAPE

  4. Cecilia Lopez says:

    Omg i love this song so much i cant stop wahach it wach

  5. Michelle Ramirez says:

    One of my favorite movies ever

  6. Galaxy_wolf says:

    Love this

  7. poison uwu says:

    Godddddd my life is so beautiful and koreann

  8. I don't have creativity says:

    Vanessa Hudgens has left the chat

  9. Mr MR says:

    Is Phillip supposed to be Bailey?

  10. tommy gun says:

    It’s not a secret I want to hide

  11. Rose S. says:

    1:08 bye bish

  12. Berser Ker says:

    imagine if zac and vanessa didnt break up they would be the one on this

  13. Agnes Khoo says:

    I like it

  14. Zera The illusion says:

    Breaking free + Gotta go my own way = This video

  15. animator 6370토미카 says:

    한국인 없어요.???

  16. Anshika Singh says:

    This is my FAVORITE song 🙂

  17. s says:

    3:07 thats rlly dangerous in real life. dont try it kids.

  18. why_so_sadd 10 says:

    zendaya when she gets pulled my the rope up fast her:YEET!

  19. Elizabeth Martinez says:


  20. perpi perli says:

    This is like the 50th time i’ve seen this scene, and i still wonder if in the behind the scenes they had fun with this, they probably did. But imagine if……….. that akward moment when you realise in the million times you watched the movie none of them mentioned his name. “the main guy” walked in and was like; “music people what the fuq?”

  21. Miguel Ruiz says:

    I watched the full movie it was awesome

  22. Moo says:

    i love it so much

  23. #emma stars says:

    i love this song

  24. Samiya Islam says:

    Tom Holland : I am not having this inappropriate behaviour in my minecraft server dislikeS

  25. Potter 4 life says:

    (1:08) it’s batwoman!

  26. Sinorita Ng says:

    Y m i crying though


    0:21 is it just me but zac Efron's voice sounds a bit weird but just at that point

  28. ImaGamer _KT says:

    Such a stunning song gives me chills. The while movie is sad and beautiful. Being judged then being yourself and people pay to see you.. Change around or what.. Amazing film. Everyone was incredible

  29. Lokifangirl1795 says:

    Last time I heard Zac Efron sing was in High School Musical

  30. Color Werewolf says:

    Spider Zendaya lmao

  31. Gaby carrillo says:

    I got the CHILLZ

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