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For anyone who’s ever been sick of small talk.
For anyone who keeps their walls up for the fear of getting hurt again.
And for anyone experiencing both at the same time.

This piece was a huge challenge for me. Jumping in after being injured almost all year, softening up when i’m comfortable with harder hitting pieces, emoting when I usually rely on the choreography to do all the talking. Even when editing, I chose cuts that felt more vulnerable and honest over militant cleanliness. Every story is different, every interpretation is different. I loved having these boys that I had yet to dance with as a part of this project because even in the way we all perform and move shows our different backgrounds, experiences, and stories.

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” -Brené Brown

Choreography by Megan Batoon

Jake Brandorff |
Dalton Shooks |
DP: Gerald Nonato x Vibrvncy |
Song: “The Good Parts” by Andy Grammer
Edit + Color + Overthinking: whoops me again

Thanks Irene Walton for your encouraging energy and for keeping me calm when I was on the verge of losing it because DTLA has no credit card parking on the way to set.

Thank you Amanda Suk for being patient when I kept asking your opinion at ungodly hours during every single inch of creating this from inception to execution and even after that.

And one last thank you to anyone not only looking at this, but actually watching. I hope you like it.

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[The Good Parts Choreography | MeganBatoon ]


if you’ve read this far, comment show me where it hurts

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18 Responses

  1. LarissaMar13 says:

    Is it just me and my hormones telling me that im getting my period soon, or did anyone else felt sentimental realizing how much she has grown as a choreographer/dancer when watching this?

  2. Alyeska Reimer says:

    This is
    thank you?
    for this beauty?
    dude I felt this
    and I didn't know you've been injured
    but know you're dancing
    my knee is still healing
    but I'm still hoping I can dance too

  3. Danny Herrera/Lopez says:

    Show me where it hurts!

  4. Zhi Zhi says:

    The only minus about this dance video is…. It's not long enough! I wanted it to last for hours! ❤️

  5. Fatima Mostoles says:

    literally crying……. um wth meg

  6. Mikayla F. says:

    I really love this a lot.

  7. akirej21 says:

    felt it! so great! Cheers for the new year!

  8. homestar21ol says:

    Holy moly, Show me where it hurts

  9. Larry Watson says:

    Thank You

  10. Keira Keith says:

    This is so beautiful!! Also where are your jeans from? I've been trying to figure it out since yesterday!

  11. Victoria Grewe says:

    Show me where it hurts. It’s my left shoulder too

  12. Chloe Walmsley says:

    I try not to watch too much on youtube or in general, until recently…I found your channel and felt like I had to watch all your videos. They are so diverse in content from dance to diy to food and everything else and I just love it all. This video is my favourite so far, it is beautifully done; it is fun and creates a connection at the same time. I was moved but the choreography and on this freezing day here in Canada I felt like I was there. I could say so much more, but all I will say is good job on this piece and I am excited to see what you create next.

  13. Jessica Stone says:

    Has me in tears it’s so good

  14. Celia T says:

    wow! that was so beautiful!

  15. tin tintin says:

    Bitin, but i love it..

  16. naissa Wache says:

    Danm Megan! , that was amazing

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