The Game & Skrillex – “El Chapo” Choreography by Jawn Ha | KINJAZ

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El Chapo.

Choreography by: Jawn Ha (“Mi Casa” section by Vinh Nguyen)
Performed by: Jawn Ha, Ben Chung, Pat Cruz, Vinh Nguyen, Mike Song
Filmed/Edited by: VIBRVNCY
Music by: The Game & Skrillex
Special Thanks: Heber & Idalia Chavez, Anthony Lee

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32 Responses

  1. GrimSweeper says:

    Danngg this is good

  2. Darius Yassie says:

    Fuckin "INSANE" Omg their Amazing!!!!!!!

  3. Antonio Cegueda says:

    Este video lo grabaron muy lejos de los dominios del Chapo

  4. Gun Ji says:

    Alguien sabe de donde son ellos?

  5. Dustin Ngo says:

    Don't want to be that person but… 2019 xD

  6. yCalviin ;-; says:


  7. Amy kook says:

    Woo oooo se ve hermosa la bandera de mi país ahí

  8. Darian Sanchez says:

    Y'all are good.

    I've been watching you guys for a year already. Love you guys <3

  9. Gamer Boy says:

    Best dance

  10. Petro Arapi says:

    That was amazing

  11. thewingstour says:

    1verseee xdd

  12. Clorox Sad says:

    2018 mexico chimalhuacan

  13. T.J. TheTomato says:

    This always makes me wanna become a pro dancer but I'm too scared to mess up XD lol maybe one day

  14. BooBoo says:

    Name the song of last video pls 🙁

  15. RUPAK GHOSAL says:

    Awesome Dancing! Hats Of Of U Guyz…

  16. Mikro black golub says:


  17. señor cool says:

    please no

  18. Кирилл Казаков says:

    This was amazing
    Special the start
    P.S. said how russian human)

  19. Michael Trent says:

    Liking that little hand sign move

  20. Raj Kumar says:

    I'm the GOD

  21. Owen Hudsan says:

    Whose the one talking???? They all put same Flag and same jacket and Same Shoes,And Same Fuckin skin

  22. Awnl-_ says:

    Awnl gta?

  23. thewingstour says:

    cuando quiera bailar 1verse de hobi voy a poner esta wea:v

  24. Ken Dizz says:


  25. MATA PANDA says:

    29 November 2018?

  26. Ram Hemrom says:

    Very dangerous and beautiful dance

  27. Thomas Primeauxy says:

    The cholos at 19 are like who tf are you

  28. Ridwanul Azim says:

    From Bangladesh!!!!

  29. Nicole Army de corazón says:

    WTF el sonido del fondo se parece mucho a la música que sacó j-hope de bts que pedo.
    Pero de la coreógrafia realmente me a dejado con la boca abierta.

  30. Majid Khan says:

    Good ??????

  31. lucky lucky says:


  32. Aidyn Despiau says:


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