Terry SalsAlianza & Alex – social dancing @ PARIS INTL SALSA CONGRESS 2018

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Welcome to PARIS !!
We are pleased to present you the Sunday party of the Paris international Salsa congress, PISC, 3rd edition !!!
Organizer: Mouaze Konaté, Yoshi

find the link of the event facebook here:

C’était à l’occasion du PARIS INTERNATIONAL SALSA CONGRESS 2018, PISC, 3ème édition, soirée du dimanche 22/04/2018,
Organisateur du PISC: Mouaze Konaté, Yoshi

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39 Responses

  1. Abraham Linares says:

    ¿Alguien me podría decir en qué tiempo bailan?

  2. Мікалай Сяргеенка says:

    Учусь учусь на нанннцах ))))))

  3. kemdry palacios says:

    A mi parecer terry no baila para mi no es buen bailarín más baila maykel fon terry es muy tiezo para bailar

  4. Josue Garcia says:

    Quien diria que una cancion Mexicana escrita por unos de los grandes de Mexico fuera cantada en Salsa por unos de los grandes de Puerto Rico y se estuviera bailandO en francia POR UNOS DE LOS GRANDES. La Musica traspasa fronteras. VIVA MEXICO CABRONES VIVA PUERTO RICO VIVA LA SALSA Y que VIVA LA RAZA

  5. Roberto Farfan says:

    What is this? To me is not salsa, this guy need to came in cuba we can teach him how to dance awful

  6. Bleyluige says:

    Me gusta como baila esta guera! Te quiero mami guera!

  7. Bleyluige says:

    Te la comiste negro! La tienes dominada a la vieja. She does not know what is next!

  8. Johan Baa says:

    Pone a Terry en problemas por anticiparse pero es increible como Terry hace todo tan fluido que hace que ambos se vean bien incluso cuando ella se equivoca.

  9. Julio Vera says:

    she really dance nice, what is her name?

  10. Luis Camacho says:

    No me gustó la chava se quería lucir y se bailaba sola que fea mujer la verdad

  11. David Wilson says:

    Dude face in the red jacket at 0:45. Priceless!

  12. nicola bersani says:

    Is L.A. or puertorican style?

  13. Eddie Caballero says:

    WOW************ We will be coming in 2019

  14. Burak Can Kahraman says:

    Wow, I am pretty sure it was improvisational but 2:26 was actually remarkable.

  15. Isa Van Ajour says:

    Wawoo I love this. both have a character, I want to dance with her !!!

  16. Fadi Abyad says:

    Very graceful and fluid the lady dancing

  17. Julio César Benavente says:

    If you watch this at 0.75 of speed you will feel this in a complete different level. Everything happens so fast that you might lose a lot of deteails. He has pretty good movements but her reponses are just perfect. Love it ♥

  18. MOSTDEAF says:

    Guys it's a social dance not a performance….it's not supposed to be perfect, thats what makes it fun! She has no idea what he's going to do next, (we all know that Terry can be unpredicable since he is constantly playing with mambo rules and doing new moves), and she did her thing!!!!

  19. Alejandro Hurtado says:

    On One or Two?…..

  20. Bill Umpierre says:

    Everyone really thinks they can dance salsa and they are very ill informed. That for nothing is a true dance of salsa, they only know how to make good and nothing else.

  21. Martha Tibana says:

    Somebody could tell me what is the last son name?

  22. Blackx Blackx says:

    LA…. salsa…. xaxaxaxax copied everything from cubans… thats why it sucks..

  23. hernan romero says:


  24. hernan romero says:


  25. Sean Xie says:

    Terry's musicality is breathtaking

  26. blue bloodline says:

    I see what everyone is saying about her trying to predict the next move. I think she's just over compensating… Trying to control the dance but Terry's strong lead and quick thinking kept her in control. Beautiful dance by both artists.

  27. Edwin Sluis says:

    3:09….OMG Soooo simple, so beautiful.

  28. Ira Mickalene says:

    Great Dance. But sometimes these exceptional leaders forget that they're the frame and the woman is the picture. Terry can be a bit self-absorbed when it comes to the energy exchange of what Salsa truly is. Nevertheless…Alex did her thing…just wished he let her shine a bit more.

  29. edgar pasten lopez says:


  30. Alex Oates says:

    With all the talk about her anticipating movement, there isn't enough focus on how she uniquely adds to the dance. It's a conversation of movement together rather than simply a lecture on movement from Terry. I love her power and that she takes some of the spotlight. Very inspiring.

  31. lightning8675 says:

    There is some beautiful dancing here. The girl was predicting a lot though. One obvious example at 1:51 where she clearly turned herself. 1:24 where she predicted an inside turn and lost her balance since he was leading an outside turn. 2:30 she almost got herself into trouble. But Terry helped out a lot and his ability to lead musicality in partner work is unreal.

  32. CQB JUNKIE says:

    She's fighting against Terry … and she's doing too much stuff that he's not giving her to do. Just don't anticipate.

  33. Cristian Molina says:

    Por qué los DJs siempre cortan los importantes finales (remates) de las salsas,?

  34. Edward Villate says:

    They look to much like BOLL ROOM DANCING !!! not the REAL McCoy, it's to MECHANICAL, when You see the people from the STREET dancing it, it's more INSPIRATIONAL, not so much class room dancers ……

  35. Peter Jabs says:

    Alex is AMAZING !!! Perfect follower and GREAT musicality !!!

  36. The Takedown With Nick Nowlin says:

    Man she moves so well and still styles well with terry's intricate patterns. Also her balance and tension is incredible.

  37. Artur Martins says:

    Great dance to a great song. Just wondering what was the discussion about in the back.

  38. bassel dakdouki says:

    Alex handles Terry's tricks nicely!

  39. J Brock says:

    Awesome dance. But is Terry wearing socks or are those very very white shoes?

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