Tap Like a Girl

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Liv Ice Senior Seminar Project

It explores the research question where do women fit into the male dominated world of tap dancing through my own personal journey as a female tap dancer.

Videography by Kyle Miller

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6 Responses

  1. charles randolph says:


  2. The Nesbitt Experience says:

    Great work, Liv! This is a question I am struggling with as I share my tap work on YT. Female creative content creators of all kinds tend to become exploited through this very platform. Congrats on your tap work! New sub here!

  3. manga12 says:

    well there was elle powell, Ann miller, ginger rogers, and Vera ellen that could give the guys a run for the money, and lets not forget the famed toe tappers of history, like dick and Edith barstow, rosie radiator Cynthia glinka, and Joyce murrey, and Dorthy toy fong. but it is noteworthy that you mention this, and yes there were tons of old African decent dancers on the vaudeville and burlesque stages in the early years.

    also you forgot the rockettes they tap and are some of the best precision dancers in the world all them girls that could put all but the best guy tappers to shame,

    also keep doing what your doing, I like a girl that taps in heels it looks prettier, its tougher to do and by doing so commands more respect even if its not given or the fact known that it should, and I like the aesthetic of a lady in heels or Mary janes it makes a nicer line and reminds one of how ladies of all ages dress when they dress up, but be forewarned if you dont know already there are many guys that are wolfs and find a girl that taps in heels attractive and they might give you unwanted comments or say things young kids should not read.

  4. GumbysHut says:

    This is so good Liv! You are AMAZING ❤️- CJDoss

  5. Vikki Leigh says:

    Beautiful video Liv ❤️❤️

  6. CJCOOL1127 2.0 says:

    How Long You Been Tap Dancing For?

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