Tap Dancing Dogs (Better Version)

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american eskie and a pekinese. This is a better version.

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6 Responses

  1. kimilee says:

    those are my cousin's dogs and she brought home the pekingese like that from the dog shelter~ so please don't blame her for the dog's missing eye~

  2. josiec says:

    aaww they're doing a Paso doble! Has the little one only got one eye?

  3. Evelyn Black says:

    Too cute!!! What a great game – doing a thumper rabbit thing!

  4. raydhiii says:

    That was hilarious!

  5. romalot says:

    The ultimate case of "made you flinch". Very funny!

  6. Ksylaks Rysuje says:

    omfg will you sell em to me lol

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