Tap Dancing Basics : Tap Dancing Basics: Traveling Irishes

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Travel from the front to the back as you do The Irish dance step. Learn about tap dancing and traveling Irishes from a dance teacher in this free video lesson for beginners.

Expert: Emily Larew
Bio: Emily Larew is a professional dancer and dance instructor. Emily teaches at Vanderbilt University, Columbia State, and top studios in the Nashville area.
Filmmaker: Tim Brown

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5 Responses

  1. Jor !! says:

    thank you for all your awesome videos !

  2. ceesayssorry says:

    This has NOTHING to do with Irish step dancing… do you people not listen? She never says that it is and on thee other video, she says it's not… you guys are so quick to hate.
    Get a life cuz you're not perfect.

  3. Allyson629 says:

    @epoilpre please dont say that sry but im an irish dancer and i used to take tap as well and irish dance is a lot harder

  4. rajahkitty says:

    Pretty sure everyone in buffalo doesn't travel by using that step either. Their just names for tap steps, not necessarily a comment re: origin or style.

  5. wannaknowit says:

    this does not have to do anything with irish dance….why to mislead people??????

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