Tango de Amor! – Addams Family Musical on Tour!

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10/18/11! Amazing performance!….. follow me on Tumblr!

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18 Responses

  1. S.Agmoment says:

    The woman who played morticia in this tour is now in prison lol

  2. Viviane Assis says:

    O que amor da minha . vidas my lovel tem gente que me diz para mim sair desta diz.que.voce está de brincadeira amor

  3. Carmen Barr says:

    Her legs are awesome…but why does she seem confused as to what the fuck she should be doing? Every time I've seen this before, Morticia is seemless in her dancing …it at least looks like they know what they're doing….not here though.

  4. Steven Campbell says:

    Amore, Bebe.

  5. Dr. History says:

    You have legs!!!!

  6. 2D's left eye socket says:

    L E G S

  7. A peculiar Hamilton fan says:


  8. Soda Can says:

    shows legs WHAT ARE THOSEEEEE

  9. Ethan Ringel The second says:

    Tbh I only watched this for the Sax soli, I can't decide whether the tenor or alto part is cooler…

  10. Jedidiah Romo says:

    How about that rockin sax solo?

  11. Ty Nash says:

    I've never seen or heard of this before. I didn't even know that it existed. Miss Girlfriend Thang has legs that go all the way up to her neck.!!

  12. jasminne mcdonald says:

    Hands down. Thumbs up. They are the best couple I've ever seen.


    when i saw this today i noticed that they really rushed this scene compared to the one they do on broadway…but they still did well

  14. MsEwetube says:

    Doug Sills is the BEST ever! I wish he was in more musicals. He is divine.

  15. Joshua Pers says:

    YOU HAVE LEGS!!!!!!

  16. karina guzman says:

    could u please upload live before we die?

  17. karina guzman says:

    ahhhh thank u sooo muchhh diz wuz like my fav partt

  18. mrswatson95 says:

    i love this dance and gomez you legend

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