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West Coast Swing Dance Lessons

Views:5|Rating:nan|View Time:1:3Minutes|Likes:0|Dislikes:0What’s So Hot About West Coast Swing? In this west coast swing basics video we’ll cover the sugar push and a pass. This...


Jazz & Swing Dance 1943

Views:892|Rating:5.00|View Time:2:47Minutes|Likes:10|Dislikes:0From the soundie: DISPOSSESSED BLUES 1943 I don’t know who the dancers are but they’re pretty good. The music is provided by Lynn...


Swing Dance (Three Short Clips)

Views:1027|Rating:4.17|View Time:1:3Minutes|Likes:5|Dislikes:1The first clip features Frankie Manning and I believe Irene Thomas is one of the dancers in the third clip but I personally...