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Country Swing Dancing Flips and Aerials

Views:24636|Rating:4.45|View Time:4:29Minutes|Likes:65|Dislikes:8John and Renee messing around at the gym: butt spin, double dip, star dip, pancake, cross flip, table top, hip flip, candlestick, push...


Tango In The Air

Views:540661|Rating:4.93|View Time:7:6Minutes|Likes:6186|Dislikes:89My recent Aerial Silk piece from “One World, One Show”,a benefit performance for YMCA youth programs. Most ambitious routine yet at 7 min....


Country Swing Move: Air Spin

Views:1182|Rating:5.00|View Time:57Minutes|Likes:38|Dislikes:0Lift her up, spin her around, and watch her glow even brighter than normal. This is a nice flashy move you can mix...