Swing Dancing at University of Memphis

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Swing dancing is huge in Memphis, TN, especially at the University of Memphis!
Like what you saw in the video? We have free beginner swing lessons every Monday night at the University of Memphis, in the Elma Roane Fieldhouse room 254. The lesson runs from 7-8 p.m, followed by social dancing from 8-9:30 p.m; no partner required!

Song used in the video:
“Woodchopper’s Ball” by Woody Herman

Special thanks to Gabriel Gooden for filming this video!

Also thanks to our dancers:
Camille Maynard
Brooke Fearnley
Keenan Diggs
Anthony Hale
Gus Gatlin
Joy Springhart
Mr. Springhart
Gabriel Gooden
Juwon Salami
Jordan Henson
Qi Chen
Katie Theil
Kevin Wu
Rafi Chowdhury
Scarlett Ponder
Olivia Boelter
Daniel Brewer
Alexandra McDaniel
Ruth Hull
Dalton Hamm
Yasmin Toutio
Shawn Hickman
Jacob Sutton

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  2. YtzikTV says:

    lol at the guys in the lift XD

  3. Keenan Diggs says:

    Truly life-changing!

  4. Lyla various says:

    can i use this for a dance music instrumental vid? its swing

  5. Ruth Emily says:

    just the best. I had to watch it again and again

  6. rachellethelongest says:

    The video looks great! Too bad I couldnt stay the whole time, it looks like you guys had fun!

  7. Rafi Chowdhury says:


  8. Tucker Clement says:

    So much fun; loved the video

  9. Nick Clark says:

    Shot and edited by? Well done, sir/ma'am!

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