Suneohair – Waltz ( Piano version )

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Since Honey and Clover is my favorite anime of all time and can no longer find these versions for some reason, I’m uploading them.

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13 Responses

  1. half retarded anxiety says:

    yo read my comment before i die this anime opened my mind and told me that we have to go a lot of pain because it is a part of breathing and living
    so cherish everyday, every minute.

  2. Hazim Reitz says:

    OOOh feels so good hearing this again !!!

  3. Hazim Reitz says:

    OOOh feels so good hearing this again !!!

  4. pAxVince says:

    Oh wow! ..hello there teenage memories!

  5. Cristian Davila Ruesta says:

    La escucho en el 2018 y sigue siendo buena :3

  6. kalch01 says:

    When I just want to just dissapear from this world and know nothing, I put on this song and start to remember every single good time I live, and it tells me that life is just one and I have to live it until the final. Thanks Honey and Clover for exist and thank you all guys for read this.
    The melody was amazing by the way 🙂

  7. TCubed says:

    Loved this song every single time it came on in the show. So very emotional and moving

  8. Abraham Shelly says:

    Thanks for this upload. Seriously.

  9. Romina Brenda says:

    Braian Leguizamon te amo con todas mis fuerzas, ojala veas este comentario 7.7 jamás voy a olvidarte u.u y nunca voy a olvidar cuando me enseñaste este tema y yuki y el anime :') TE AMO POR SIEMPRE

  10. Sophie Lin says:

    This song always reminds me good memories of my life,it's so elegantly and so softly. Thanks updating. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

  11. Iron Vitor says:

    I listen this song while studying, it's so relaxing. Love this show!

  12. Marsharoo says:

    Thank you so much for uploading! I used to be able to play this version… I should dig up those sheets and learn them again, heh.

  13. Tatsuya Maker says:

    ( ´,_ゝ`) long is this..back then before internet was a me forever to find this album back in 2008

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