Stomp Live – Part 1 – Brooms

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30 Responses

  1. Barbara Osborne says:


  2. Garle Curco says:

    Basically this show is all about people using items as drums or instruments something like that

  3. vjm3 says:

    Whistle while you work!
    Stomp: "Hold my mohawk."

  4. Celene Entertainment says:

    Son los mejores, ellos inventaron este tipo de show, los demas son imitaciones

  5. Alan Cutting says:

    50% commenters: You missed a spot
    Other 50%: That’s one clean ass floor.

    Kill me

  6. Alan Cutting says:

    I paid these assholes to clean the stage after a show and they just fucked around and scratched my floors

  7. Queen Maknae says:

    oMg I watch this in music class, this is so boring and we have a test about this shit

  8. Super Grover says:

    How do the brooms not break

  9. Super Grover says:

    What are they saying all I heard was hua

  10. mamahp 17 says:

    C'est nullllllllllllll

  11. Somara McClinton says:

    broom wars, when your devoted to your job

  12. FrostedHawk says:

    If these people mugged someone, would it sound something like this?

  13. Karen Parker says:


  14. Casey Jackson says:

    There funny

  15. METRO X INFINITY says:

    Sweep sweep sweep

  16. KaotikKrow says:

    I remember going to see this… it went straight through my body. It was amazing

  17. Reece Evans Year 9 says:

    they missed a spot

  18. Edwin Chae says:

    Is the floor ok?

  19. Shitty teen says:

    Lo mire en clases de música xdxd

  20. Anything for views Plz says:

    what was that
    its abusing the ground

  21. imperialOVERkill 1 says:

    i remember watching this im music class. im dead

  22. Eugene Park says:

    Anyone watching this on 2018?

  23. Highway Speeder89 says:

    I watched in elementary school

  24. Darksouls 3 says:

    8:47 Mad Max anyone?

  25. Tropical deer says:

    I need to listen to this for music homework

  26. I Do Monologues says:

    Fudda duda duda

  27. Michael Wolfe says:

    I said “sweep the floor”
    Not. “Scratch it up”

  28. Geek Squad says:

    who else is doing this song for an assignment

    no just me

    ok -_-

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