Slow Waltz Violin

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16 Responses

  1. Alexander Wagner says:

    Beautiful Musik Melodie.

  2. Rochard Cai says:

    Vrey nice. Want to cry when listening.

  3. Lipizzans & Marsh Tackies says:

    Ugh…. im trying to find slow music for a beginners class but this is my song. Need music for Cha Cha, Salsa and Waltz. Oh well, at least i can finally put this in my playlist.

  4. Ipek N. Dönen says:

    Notaları var mı acaba elinizde?

  5. R Ball says:

    Now go listen to Alana Parsons, the turn of a friendly card.

  6. Umbra Luna says:

    just want to remark that having good quality speakers/headphones makes this so much more amazing. (sorry I just got new ones and re listening to this with surround sound makes it so much prettier)

  7. Paulina Olejnik says:

    piękne ! ktoś wie jak się pobiera piosenki,melodie z YouTube ? 🙂 z góry dziękuje ;3

  8. kurt cobain says:

    im a fucken stalker i know and i cant help it she friendzoned me and im still in love with her i ve been waiting for 4 years to tell her but she refused she fucken refused and she is right i ve nothing to give not handsome not talanted have no money no fucken carrer…… oh god i just want one more chance

  9. عيون أضناها الانتضار says:

    حلووو مولمه

  10. Séverin Official says:

    Do you have the sheet music for this one ?

  11. Riccardo Gelli says:

    VIOLIN: e…un violino sussuro'…..balla….balla…..sapessi ballare!!!!…….

  12. SMM says:

    Love it. Thank you! The emotion, the of and from the soul.

  13. Daniel Hettinger says:

    What's the beat here? I'm teaching myself to waltz and I'm having trouble picking out a tempo for this song. 😛

  14. Richard Duggan says:

    My wife and I have been ballroom dancing for over 12 years and every now and again there comes a tune that makes you want to get your dance shoes on and find a floor to waltz or foxtrot, this tune .doies exactly that ., thank so very much for posting you are a real lady.

  15. Akar Jamal says:

    Hi miss 
    very nice music 
    what is name this music or have a sheet music?

  16. Jonathan Stromberg says:

    Hi Silvia, do you happen to know the name of this beautiful tune and who recorded it? Thank you, Jonathan

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