Shape Of You | Cornel and Rithika | Bachata Sensual | Ed Sheeran | Dimaf remix

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The following Video is strictly meant for promotional purpose of BACHATA. DANCESPACE008 doesn’t own this music & it is intended to showcase the creativity of the Artist involved.
Dance Space By Cornel Rodrigues
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Video Credit : Tushar Gaikward.

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24 Responses

  1. Mira Karki says:

    same stepppp… in all video boring

  2. Sasmita Behera says:

    The best choreography in this u both.proud to be an indian

  3. Madhu Singh says:

    cornal andritikhayou are awosome dancer

  4. PaiN ExoTiC says:

    Finally! This is the best dance choreography of the song yet. Exactly what I was looking for lol.

  5. Donna Nancekivell says:

    They are absolutely fabulous….

  6. haaris shaik says:

    Yo u you guys r soo just good at it ,,,, u have a amazing control man

  7. yikkin ying yang says:

    You guys should do your next on this song :

  8. yikkin ying yang says:

    Those are dance beasts!!

  9. 정영은 says:

    우와 ~~멋져요

  10. lakshindar tudu says:

    I just loved it

  11. Mayara Silva says:

    Amo bachata

  12. CosmicRadiation says:

    I will learn how to dance like this for the girl I love! Her name is Alejandra and she is absolutely stunning, and has the most wonderful personality!

  13. Nobel Hossain says:


  14. Navin Manju says:

    Yr ek hi step har dance me karna jaruri hai Kya aapko

  15. remya raveendran says:


  16. Muskaan Punjabi says:

    Please make video were we can learn these moves

  17. Muskaan Punjabi says:

    I just love the way both dance . Amazing perfect timing on the best

  18. aarti kharat says:

    Carnel I love you

  19. Nikhila V says:

    Litterally cornel was awesome and amazing style

  20. Hiba Fatima says:

    Out standing bhut bdia urrr

  21. shridhar jm says:

    Dance moves r same in every vid??

  22. saad Mansoor says:

    Simply wowwwwwwww 🙂

  23. Rahul Das says:

    nice video and any other video

  24. CoD RocKz # Wild gaming says:


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