Sesame Street: Elmo’s Happy Dance Tutorial (Elmo’s World)

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Elmo loves learning new things so much, it makes him want to dance! Dance along as Elmo teaches everyone Elmo’s Happy Dance!

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18 Responses

  1. corbin beebe says:

    Friend and I were going through the channels and we heard the happy happy dance dance

  2. PuffX says:


  3. Wesley Baule says:

    Who Came From Snapchat?

  4. Patricia Prewitt says:

    All of you wanna come to movie?

  5. Patricia Prewitt says:

    Deadpool 2

  6. Patricia Prewitt says:

    I will band SnapChat! 🙂 XD

  7. NetaPrema says:

    If this is what the preschoolers of today are watching, were all screwed, they will still be doing the happy dance when they are 30

  8. Nee-V Daisy 199902 says:

    What’s your happy dance?

  9. Juanita Waytes says:


  10. Gina DeDonato says:

    My babie cousin loves sesame street lol

  11. Chicky Cintron says:


  12. Madeline Cartagena says:


  13. Natalie D'Angelo says:

    Hum ubug ugbugbubgughgubbubgnuuhj

  14. Gaby Castorena says:


  15. The Temmie And Furby Fan 9099 says:

    Happy happy daad yppah yppaH

  16. Jalyssa Ramirez says:

    You are actually the devil

  17. Sania Reed says:

    i am going to do the happy happy dance dance to i love you

  18. Little Grace Gamer says:

    this feet makes amazing sounds XD

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