Sammy Davis Jr.- Tap Dancing,Singing, And More……

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  1. marriedandcrazy04 says:

    Wow! I knew the man could dance but, what a voice!!

  2. Troy Mackenzie says:

    Touching, moving performance. What year was the second performance? Im curious to know the context better

  3. Chicag0 says:

    Amazing video showing Sammy Davis jr. Talents and respected by legends. Make sure the video starts from beginning sometimes it starts at 3:27

  4. moodygirl says:

    I love this man!!!

  5. C Dream says:

    Sammy couldn't tap dance w/the African rhythm 3:44 WHY? So tap dance is a white dance, not black.

  6. Dieter Tesche says:

    That's Entertainment!!

  7. Nelson Ancheta says:

    King of ENTERTAINMENT !!

  8. Becky Zaugg says:

    A great great entertainer and appears to be a pleasant guy too.

  9. Gianny Sierra says:

    What year was this?

  10. Pat Brennan says:

    I hope this post inspires me to quit smoking, if it happened to Sammy it could happen to anybody.

  11. Helene Test says:

    god bless u and tip my bro

  12. zenzeke zenard says:

    Jay Zeee / Kanye/ the other c.rappers are sullen pathetic frauds compared to the happy, ultra energetic, ultra talented Sammy Davis Jr.

  13. Audley Forrester MBE says:

    the best entertainer of my time, a true Mr Wonderful

  14. Playthell Benjamin says:

    BRAVO!!!! I am bereft of suitable superlatives, I can muster no words, the language of Shakespeare and the King James Bible fail me. I have no words: AND WORDS ARE NY GAME!!!

  15. Deneen Jeffries says:

    Great talent, but that smoking all the time killed a lot of the greats

  16. Jeffrey Wheeler says:

    Mr. Samuel Washington Davis Jr., You are the only One that music plays to Your lead. I thank you for being You, and Youtube for allowing me to watch you perform, and teach the younger generation how to be a Professional.

  17. Jeffrey Wheeler says:

    by far, the best hoofer of all time.

  18. Ryder Spearmann says:


  19. JAMET betty says:

    Le 07.01.2017 Samy Davis Jr Souvenir en Boîte à Paris :::j'AimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeBetty de Bretagne ::

  20. THE NICE ONES says:

    all that dancing while smoking. crazy

  21. Adjoa Linda Dabo says:

    I grew up on this, awesome. Luv Sammy's genius, so cool, so human, so spiritual. When people were melancholy.

  22. Adjoa Linda Dabo says:

    A Harlem jewel.

  23. David Wilson says:

    never be another Sammy pure genius

  24. Debora Alhanati says:

    Maravilhoso ! Obrigada, Sammy.

  25. john wright says:

    he was the best

  26. leo roller says:

    For those of us old enough to remember and those young enough to have missed a great entertainer

  27. Brian Turner says:

    Its one thing to 'do it all' well enough to be cast, or well enough not to embarrass yourself when its called for.  Its another to  do it all WELL.    He did it all WELL.  As a singer or a dancer, he was exceptional.  This is not just talent.  Can you imagine the hours of practice and time  it takes to keep your voice sharp, learn new songs,keep  your steps agile and learn the routines, your comic timing down learn your lines, and your impressions fresh?  Each discipline requires hours upon hours of constant work to stay at the top of your game.  There are only 24 hours in a day.

  28. Perlita Habanera says:

    He really was a huge entertainer. I love his tap dance. I remember I wanted to learn how to tap Dance, and Flamenco Castanets, and I couldn't because my mom was not affiliated to the communist party, the ONLY party in Cuba,

    The "socialist party of Fidel Castro. I remember my girlfriends in the 3rd floor in the building did, and were trying to teach me and even let me practice with her castanets, but with time and the division of political issues, our parents, we grew apart. Then I came to Cuba. Mom why didn't you at least did volunteer ? I asked myself., then I understood.

    I always loved Tap dance !!! I just read about the roots of it and thanks the encyclopedia, I learn something today.

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