Samba United Kingdom Professional Latin Ballroom

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UK Open Professional Latin Championship Samba Finals 2008

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7 Responses

  1. jackal361 says:

    riccardo so arrogant

  2. Waisifiuder helsing says:

    Finally a REAL SAMBA on international competition. I'm talking about the music, because the dance in ballroom is completely different of every ordinary dance

  3. JoyCeLy4ev says:


  4. danseuse16 says:

    nothing special… i can do a better whisk in samba 😛

  5. Agnieszka Maj says:

    wow Melia;'s progress is amazing! thanks' for uploading^^

  6. swidanza says:

    wonder how the trip started at 1:46- 1:48

  7. eundre381ferraris says:

    beautiful…. thanks for the upload…

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