Salsa Babies

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There’s a new fun and easy way to lose that pregnancy weight and bond with your baby at the same time. Salsa Babies, a 45 minutes dance class for new moms and their babies, combines fitness with various Latin dances.
Not only does Salsa Babies provide a great workout but it’s also a chance to socialize with other moms, and an opportunity to have some fun bonding time with your baby.

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16 Responses

  1. Carine Rival says:

    Cervicals dammages… porr babies…

  2. Marggiori Ariza says:


  3. Melody da Silva says:

    All of those baby bjorns hurt my heart! Those poor babies and mommas..horrible for the baby's spine and posture, especially facing out with their poor feet dangling! And that mom and the end with the sleeping baby…that looks so uncomfortable!! I wouldn't do this with anything but an Ergo!!!

  4. Tanya Nakogee says:

    Salsa Babies is SO awesome! But, like others, I really wish the instructors would encourage the use of good carriers that support babies properly. Wraps, soft-structured carriers (Ergo, Boba, Beco, etc.), slings, and mei tais would offer both moms and babies additional support and comfort.

    I did a demo Salsa Babies class in my city, and really enjoyed it, but was really dismayed that even the instructor was using a "crotch dangler" for her toddler.

  5. MissLlewella says:

    Does the dance instructor also has knowledge about baby carrying?
    I like the Idea, and I love carrying and dancing, but ouch, that doesnt look right. It is mainly the back and head-support I'm concerned about.
    I still carry my toddler of 2,5yrs, but comfy in a heavy duty wrap with full support.

    I know that over here there are also baby-and-mom-dance-classes, but with somebody around that is certified @ trageschule.

  6. babythebabyslings says:

    Babies also can't filter the stimuli like we can – they take it ALL in, so the baby falls asleep at the end NOT because she loves the class, but because she is overstimulated and her system just shuts down to survive.

  7. babythebabyslings says:

    I agree to the 'poor babies' comment. A proper carrier with nice head support would help a lot, but turning the baby away from the mother without much of head or spinal support and dancing around — NO-NO, even in a proper carrier I'd be compelled to hold the head of a smaller or sleeping baby just to minimize the bouncing.

  8. Mary Munoz says:

    Wow–judgmental, aren't we? These women are not doing jumping jacks-they are simply moving in ways that don't stray too far from a walk around the block. What about all the jiggling in a stroller or car seat? Really, people…Don't knock mom's way of doing something for herself without always having to find a sitter!

  9. Angela Hill says:

    Amen on the carrier comments. It just breaks my heart. At least get an Ergo. Come on…

  10. kvasir40 says:

    I am not an expert, but is that not a little bit dangerous for the baby? Specially with the fact that it does not take much shaking for the baby head and neck to cause the shaken baby syndrome, as depicted in other youtube videos as well.

  11. Andrea Page's Original Fitmom says:

    Why do people always insist on commenting on things that clearly babies and mommys enjoy. Gimme a break stop the mommy wars!

  12. filozofka says:

    poor babys

  13. Danieli Boiago says:

    Enhorabuena por la actividad, pero las madres deberian ser orientadas a cargaren a sus bebés en un portabebé (sling) o mochila ergonomica, y que NO estean mirando hacia fuera. Incluso hay un bebé dormido, de espalda para su mamá, con la cabecita totalmente colgada, lo que es malisimo para su fisiologia. 🙂

  14. McChulo says:

    "merengue, merengue, merengue, merengue, merengue,merengue,merengue"

    Say that to the beat while you're dancing and it's even more fun!

  15. angie gaytan says:

    what a nice way to enjoy motherhood! congratulations! 🙂

  16. kyoxaizawa13 says:

    One of those poor babies head was shaking all around.

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