Royal Wedding – Full Movie with Fred Astaire – Romance & Drama Movie

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While on their way to perform at the royal wedding, a dancing pair falls in love.
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The siblings Tom (Fred Astaire) and Ellen (Jane Powell) Bowen are a dancing pair, who have now been booked for a performance at the royal wedding of Princess Elizabeth in England. They get aboard a ship for their journey, where Ellen falls for Lord John Brindale. While the journey continues with the musical, Tom gets involved with English dancer Anne Ashmond (Sarah Churchill). Both are troubled if the love is going to work out for them. The talent of Astaire’s dance acts on walls and Powell’s singing adds vigor to the plot.
Director: Stanley Donen
Cast: Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Peter Lawford
Date: 1951

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4 Responses

  1. Dagmar Preinerstorfer says:

    Nearly every song is interrupted by a comercial!!! That's annoying!!!

  2. Evelyn Tidman says:

    Some neat camera trickery for that time. Dancing on the ceiling, yet! Loved it. Loved the feel-good factor. Loved the dancing. Great.

  3. Dimitri Diamant says:

    The Royal Coach was painted by the Earl of Scheib. Next, Ogilvie's Department Store? Must be Marshall Field's.

  4. bbcisrubbish says:

    Where did they get these accents?

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