Roland Dyens – Tango en Skai

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Played by the composer himself.

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40 Responses

  1. ArielGuitars says:

    great composer and player!

  2. Maria Schipor says:

    i love these melodi

  3. Украинец Олег Ляшко says:

    Просто бомба конечно …

  4. Renaissance Strings says:

    Rest in peace maestro. Thank you for giving us so much <3

  5. Marcio Angelo says:

    Saudades de vc, Emmett Brown!

  6. E Claire says:


  7. Zhou Zheng says:


  8. BrUnO SyNeSt NaPoLi says:

    rip master

  9. Mark Harris says:

    A great man, great composer, teacher and player. Dyens is sorely missed in the guitar world…

  10. hiram anguiano says:

    es el propio compositor y se sale de todos sus tiempos ….
    lo bueno de él es que a pesar de su pésima interpretación , hizo una muy buena.melodia !!!

  11. Noud Koevoets says:

    Of course there is an answer about the 17 dislikes. Though this man plays so passionate, soulful and technically perfect while the composition is very interesting as well, Roland isn't a look alike of George Clooney. To me this is a Astor + Piazzolla!
    Simply great and nothing to desire for anymore…..

  12. Valpolicella Music Center says:

    Bravissimoooo !!!

  13. Gabriela Mikusova says:

    RIP master… why is it tango but without rhytm?

  14. isaiah cruz says:


  15. Ellinous Anorymous says:

    Rest in Peace, Roland. I am missing your genius already ….

  16. jim peregrina says:

    RIP my Master, You'll be in forever to us trough these wonderfull videos

  17. Jason Lewis says:

    RIP roland. so sad to see you go

  18. halvey123 says:

    Wow I never knew this man.   Funny how we do not become famous until we make the passage to the next place. Great performance! Inspiration to all guitarists.

  19. Colin Burnside says:

    RIP Roland from the CGSNI.

  20. andrés gz says:

    Descanse en paz Maestro Dyens

  21. Sedletzki Ivan says:

    Rest in peace Roland…

  22. Multi-Skilled Outdoorsman says:

    RIP Maestro….

  23. BonesFire says:

    RIP Roland

  24. BonesFire says:

    RIP Roland

  25. Espresso Chinese Podcast says:

    sadly this master passed away today

  26. BakunaMatata says:


  27. Marcio Angelo says:

    Amazing! Incrível!

  28. Noel Tolin says:


  29. Pablo Fdez. Arrieta says:

    musikaria oso interesgarria. Jotzaile bikain eta musikagile itzela.Esker anitz

  30. Raphaël Laflamme says:


  31. Adarsh Verghese says:

    Who is this maniac

  32. Henry Dale says:

    The most amazing thing about this is that he originally improvised it at a party!

  33. Daniel Noboa says:

    who are the 11 people that do not like this? 

  34. Christopher Rude says:

    Genius!  What imagination he has.  What brilliant technique it takes to toy with a guitar this way!  And the composition?  There is more music packed into this little tango than one will experience in most concerts.  Bravo.

  35. Umacuh says:

    hasta la webas XD

  36. Juliencorse9 says:

    très bien interpréter bravo

  37. Marco bdai says:

    Esta pieza se la escuche a un profesor de guitarra en una casa de cultura en Mexico y desde ese entonces la vengo buscando, despues de 4 años y de pura casualidad vine a encontrarla. Sin palabras con esta melodia

  38. Caterina guitar says:

    haha me too!!

  39. AgoFigo says:

    Ok, if I start to learn this i finish it in… Ehm… 20 years 😉

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