Rocket League Tutorial | Breakdance Aerial

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► Rocket League Camera Settings:

► Controls: I use default button layout, but L1 air roll left and R1 air roll right. I play with claw grip: index finger for circle and thumb for the rest. I recommend changing the air roll/boost to L1/R1 🙂
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► Music: Teeza – Berlin

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39 Responses

  1. ivan stanisavljevic says:

    How do you hold Square and Circle at the same time? It seams really uncomfortable.

  2. Nigella Farage says:

    8 months later and only just now does console get left and right air roll :3

  3. An absolute Beast says:

    You should do a dribble tutorial

  4. محمد الحربي says:

    guys please can anyone please tell me the name of the Program that JHZER use to show the controller I Need it !! Please

  5. NotPro ツ says:

    I can freestyle but not freestyle pass

  6. NotPro ツ says:

    can anyone freestyle pass on ps4

  7. __ __ says:

    you are a god

  8. Matheus Zavodine says:

    Algum BR aqui ?

  9. WellDubs says:

    Yo jhzer is god at 1:33 hes holding "Circle" and "Square" at the same time

  10. Freestyle Amateurs says:

    Why do you always say moy moy lol

  11. ItsJubbly PS4 says:

    What's the song?

  12. Macswell Gaming says:

    what is the tutorial song called

  13. TheStrafeJump says:


  14. Brian Brooks says:

    the fast kick off that you do would be great

  15. عبدالرحمن خالد says:

    you're the best man keep it up 🙂

  16. RoyalSiege says:

    does anyone know this song?

  17. Reflex says:

    This trick is so confusing Jhzer idk how you do all this, you make it look so easy 😛

  18. Dostendite says:

    New like and sub.

  19. 15 - Montiel Ibarra Dione Getsemai - 105B says:

    What might captioning to spanish. 🙂

  20. Knowledge XD says:

    hi jhzer, after freestyles that ur doing ur auto saving, i dont rly know 2 do it, can u help?

  21. Knowledge XD says:

    hi jhzer, after freestyles that ur doing ur auto saving, i dont rly know 2 do it, can u help?

  22. Obscu says:

    FOR KEYBOARD/MOUSE USERS… This trick works !
    I've trained this for a little while, it doesn't look as cool for the moment but it is 100% possible.
    (I've put the Air Roll Left on Q, qwerty keyboard but you might use E as well)
    The part where he switches the joystick from right to down, you just have to press D, then your "Air pitch up" button.
    Good luck !

  23. Kolli says:

    Moi moi

  24. Aquarius says:

    Console players do have the option to change controls what u on bro?

  25. Denis Samilton says:

    Pls make some video about advantages and disadvantages of using controller and keyboard, because I am using second, but in many times I think that controller is better

  26. Александър Филипов says:

    Hey , can you please do a tutorial on it , but on keyboard ? 🙂

  27. Caleb Komorowski says:

    Loving the new controller!

  28. Cr8Fusion says:

    Not to hate but he always does the same things in his video

  29. SirAzilys says:

    How do we put air roll right or left?

  30. BlackSkillGaming says:

    I want to see tutorial with gamepad, how to play with it, i'm new and i cant understand how to hold it

  31. Brian Hill says:

    welp freestyling only

  32. Brian Hill says:

    dam im on xbox

  33. Nawaf HR says:

    Jhzer is batmobile better that dominus at fresstyling.air drag?

  34. Márku Peti says:

    your first touch tutorial pls

  35. Ameroy says:

    Where you can find a link to your Steam?

  36. Noel Karhu says:

    Why do everyone think jhzer is from germany? xD he is finnish 😉

  37. Anarchy says:

    What's background song name?

  38. cees wensing says:

    dude 10 k subs in 5 days cheers

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