“River Flower Bolero” Original Classical Composition by Rebecca Tripp

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I composed this track 2 years ago but I never felt good about the way the finished product sounded back then, thus nobody ever heard it! Something inspired me to remaster it today and share it with everyone who wants to listen. ^_^ I call it “River Flower Bolero” because it is calm, flowery and delicate, yet it follows a steady, constant progression, like a river. It’s directly inspired by two classical pieces- Ravel’s Bolero (this is likely extraordinarily evident) and “Chinese Dance” from Carl Nielson’s Aladdin suite. It was actually sort of meant to be a tribute to Ravel’s Bolero, which is extremely fiery and dramatic. I wanted to make something in a similar vein- only watery and calm. It follows a similar trajectory and has a very similar tone to it, yet, there is a distinctly “yin” quality about mine, where there was a certain “yang” quality about the other. It is, metaphorically speaking, my moon to Maurice Ravel’s sun. He was a much greater, more passionate, well known and accomplished composer than I, whose inspirational light I choose to reflect outward.

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29 Responses

  1. Buck Bowie says:

    What a enjoyable music!! It's very harmonic and magical, the rhythm is so good, I loved so much! Fantastic!!!

  2. Bogmire42 says:

    This is so beautiful. I feel like this should be in an animated movie somewhere.

  3. Smoothrich says:

    You don't make any money from Youtube, no one does except the hacks and shills. Try sending your.. quite lengthy.. resume to music studios.

    If I was in charge, I'd hire you in a heartbeat.

  4. Sébastien Larivière says:

    Ummm i wonder if i like this …. Who am i kidding i always love your music !!!

  5. kentar riceleaf says:

    So beautiful melody!! (^0^)b
    I could feel that I went on a journey following the Silk Road. (^_^)

  6. Masked Champion says:

    I can feel so many cultures in here, just by the styles and instruments used. Some places I can hear traditional Asian music, or French tone. This is so relaxing and well-captured.

  7. venturystar says:

    Dear Rebecca, this piece resembles how peaceful a heart can be. Thank you very much for sharing to the world your compositions.

  8. Gregory Gibson says:

    I hope somewhere out there, there are people performing live versions of your music. This one is so gorgeous and charming! <3

  9. Marco Esposito says:

    Loving this one! I listened to Ravel's Bolero and the yin/yang metaphor is very adequate. I'm confident you too will be a reknowned composer sooner or later.

  10. timearchitecture says:

    jeux & gaspard are my ravel fav's! searched your youtube for ff crystal bearers bc i picked that and a few games up although it looks boring and cheesy and I'm regretting it. i watched about 2 min of game play bought it, and after looking at the gameplay again ugh idk. but i ordered last story which is done by nobuo, and an rpg called baroque so that was insta-buy. i went with twilight princess over skyward not sure if that was the right choice.. u play any of the wii ffs? idk if i shld cancel crystal bears and get echoes in time. they both look sort of kiddish.

  11. Kairi's First Mix says:

    Definitely better then anything musical I could create, lol. Besides, your music is always really good, chu shouldn't put yourself down. ^_^ If you're curious what's happening to my channel. It's going through a slight metamorphic phase, trying to decide how best to use my energy so I can produce something. I'm still aiming for what was on my old schedule; a Hatena Flipnote special in October, a short movie early 2017. For August, I'm trying to gain the energy to continue making my Pokemon memoir. It was meant to be released on my birthday, but I gave into despair and lost the motivation to complete it. For September I plan on making this original summon animation on a species I call a Pause, and it'll be dedicated to this one person that comments like instantly on all my animations.

    That advertisement I'm debating on making… anyways, hope chu doing okay like I said before. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I got a Carbuncle plushie today based on Final Fantasy XIV's Carbuncle summon. ^_^

  12. John Martini says:


  13. Soundole Music says:

    Nice work Rebecca, there's some really sweet counterpoint in here, with especially nice interplay of winds. Really nice gradual development of that melodic line. Just a note about the title though – a bolero is a dance in 3/4 time, so that might not be relevant here! :p

  14. Michael Davis says:

    This song inspired me to come out of the closet to my best friend.
    Thank you.

  15. Michael Prado says:

    A very Eastern song 🙂 I don't know why but it reminds me the tune for some towns on Golden Sun GBA games ^_^

  16. jorgais reyes says:

    Wow, es muy hermosa esta pieza.

  17. Andrew Klang says:

    ….This is amazing. And you sat on this for how long? You gonna Bandcamp this?

    Oh, and thanks for the Nielsen "Aladdin" mention. I've never heard of it. Don't know why, but, as a huge fan of Rimsky-Korsakov Debussy, and Ippolitov-Ivanov (and it's my favorite Disney movie :D), I suspect I'll love it.

  18. RE:UNION x SOS says:

    Amazing stuff as always.

    The background progression sounds like raindrops and the melodies use it to its fullest. I also love how there's pauses in between the melodies cause it gives the listener time to catch their breath and look back on how they felt but just enough time to get them ready for the next one.

    The build up is sneaky too. You don't realize it's coming up until you look for it. And yeah, it actually feels like I'm near a river! 🙂

  19. ΜrCookie says:

    Very harmonic. 🙂 Good job there Rebecca! ^^

  20. Sparkbomber says:

    Its so… calm in a word. It evokes a sunny day with clouds spent at a beautiful river. A perfect day to read and snooze at the waterside, perchance with a line and bobber tied to one toe. =D I love it.

  21. Luiishu535 says:

    Good stuff, yo! The use of the pentatonic scale gives me some Asian vibes (it even reminds me a bit of Okami).

  22. donavon all says:

    this made my day..

  23. Dossell Sinclair says:

    It's hard to imagine you not wanting to release this even in it's primitive stage.  True nourishment for the imagination 😉

  24. Geekanomicon says:

    Brilliant music for my early day.

  25. Jennifer Marie says:

    So uplifting this is!

  26. Nick Kelley says:

    Incredible as usual. Thank you for sharing!

  27. Seven Arya Tikal says:

    Oh Rebecca, this is GREAT! This just… takes my childlike imagination to wonderful zones. Sounds so happy, innocent, colorful and free. By far one of my favorite originals of yours.

  28. Jesse William says:

    This is lovely! It's really nice to listen to when drawing or studying… I'm definitely adding this to my playlist of relaxing music!

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