River Dance

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these dancers are incredible!!!

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  1. duygu kalukçu says:

    It looks like horon which is turkish tradational dance

  2. naz özkan says:

    "karadeniz horon"u gibi.

    it just looks like

  3. Josemar Nepomuceno says:


  4. Paul Azadfard says:

    درود بر جمهوری شرقی ایران و سازمان

  5. Maximus2Dali says:

    I’d watch if they had Double-D river dancers.

  6. Mojo Ala says:

    Fred Astaire did it better.

  7. Ben Cheevers says:

    And they say white people can't dance

  8. CPgirl 8302 says:

    I used to riverdance and I'm shocked I was able to move this quickly

  9. سند سليمان says:

    She's watching revere dance !

  10. Brendon Hansford says:

    what made you want to make this video?

  11. Eminem Lover says:

    Worst video ever

  12. Santtu ja Rane Lahtiset says:


  13. Santtu ja Rane Lahtiset says:


  14. Santtu ja Rane Lahtiset says:


  15. Grandmom S. Morrosini says:

    Still entrancing.

  16. RichSlayerGaming says:

    Beautiful 🙂

  17. mate aladashvili says:

    it was amazing

  18. VIRI REINA says:


  19. Daniel Patterson says:

    Put that into your After Effect ® sliders…

  20. Peyton Sharp says:

    so… many… feet

  21. Retro Thingz says:

    Irish flamenco. My not be so far fetched actually.

  22. Terry Higgins says:

    I was able to watch Lord of the Dance live in Cleveland. It was one of the most moving live performances I have ever seen.

  23. BrapTunes says:

    Nice Video! keep it up!

  24. De Sooi De Sooi says:


  25. Cis18 says:


  26. Mikaeruda says:

    looks like you shake a bottle full of stones

  27. Litmax80 says:

    Норм)) Good))

  28. Ethan Qu says:

    I''m watching 2016.

  29. Oliver Andersson says:

    Man, the quality. Love this clip though!
    What song is this? Is it Bill Whelan, Reel Around The Sun?

  30. Casey5693 says:

    I can't believe how in sync they are.

  31. спорт И Ещё раз спорт says:


  32. marco mochel says:

    Gefilmd met professioneel spul omgetoverd tot baksteen formaat door iemand die zuinig leeft. ach 2007 begin van de crisis 🙁

  33. Guillermo Rosero Arizzo says:


  34. Triple Seven says:

    So this is how it's in the irish military i never knew

  35. Zebby- -Chan says:


  36. Joke says:


  37. coco26 Anais says:

    j'adore la saincronisation entre les danseur et en plus il sont tousse en meme temps.

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