River- Choreography by Galen Hooks

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This is my cover of a song written by somebody else

I do not own any of the rights to this song.
Bishop Briggs – River – Choreography by Galen Hooks

I think Galen Hooks is amazing. I love all of her choreographies and the meanings behind them and am inspired by them everyday. I chose this one to film in particular as I have not posted a video in 4 years and wanted a powerful and strong choreography that meant something to me personally. I love dancing, it is when I am happiest and thank you Galen for getting me back out there.

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12 Responses

  1. Brenda Nova says:

    Falta ritmo e o cinegrafista é péssimo!

  2. Georgia- Shady313 says:

    I didn't like it

  3. Laila Fariapereira says:

    Misericórdia ela é muito ruim
    . kkkkkk

  4. Isabel N says:

    The video could have been better if the person recording didn’t keep moving it. But other than the camera work the dance was really good

  5. Tatenda Kandava says:

    Your an amazing dancer I wish I could dance like you

  6. Foxella says:

    I’m trying to learn the dance (I have no dancing skills and I’m hoping if I continue trying to learn I somehow develop dancing skills)

  7. lisawonder 200 says:

    Your good dancer

  8. Nati.dance says:

    Nachgemachte choreo

  9. Clarissa Oliveira says:

    Your job is amazing

  10. norni anita says:

    LOSERRRRR !!!!

  11. Maya Kiruluta says:


  12. haley gough says:

    Omg I remember watching you years ago!!

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