Pyotr Tchaikovsky: Waltz of the Flowers

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Pyotr Tchaikovsky: Waltz of the Flowers, from “The Nutcracker”, Op. 71, Arr.: Percy Grainger
Piano: Vladimir Ovchinnikov
Venue: Piano Festival 2008

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45 Responses

  1. Gustavo V. ابن says:

    Beautiful !!

  2. Fernando Posadas says:

    Pieza destruida…

  3. Javier Contt says:

    ¿Quien es el Pianista?

  4. 聲の形 says:

    A lot of people don't like this arrangement, however, I loved it from the very beginning, it adds so much more to the original one. I actually prefer this one more.

  5. Eduardo Jiménez says:

    He plays very good the Piano,but try next time to play the music 🙂

  6. Alexey Savin says:

    Как можно минусовать такое?)

  7. TinLong Wong says:

    I turned off the volume but it is still bad

  8. Mi Gi says:


  9. Rami Fakhry says:

    How can a pianist be so criminal to distort a beautiful piece that much? It's terrible. You think somebody like Tchaikovsky didn't know these tricks? He didn't use them because definitely they don't make the piece sound better, and we are hearing the proof now. All those who liked the video should be stabbed in their ears.

  10. some human being says:


  11. Masto Babe says:


  12. Hank says:

    So many people dislike this :0

    What is music but expression, and this is expressly amazing!

  13. Alexander Arsov says:

    Very interesting paraphrase. A little like Liszt minus the genius, but very enjoyable all the same. Stellar performance by Ovchinnikov, as you might expect.

  14. Ran Shoham says:

    He completely ruined an amazing piece. He just throws the notes. Doesn't even think about them.

  15. ilia tsiklauri says:

    OH man stop it! its tchaikovsky. stop the demonstration of your skils. its provintialism 🙂 nothing more 🙂

  16. Rob Martin says:

    gut!!!!! brava!!!!! das gut!!!!

  17. cezaryolszewskicardiologist says:

    sounds and looks like steak hache

  18. cezaryolszewskicardiologist says:

    looks he is waving hands like chopping steaks. and sounds like this. Bon apetit.

  19. Les N says:

    Truly a beautiful and masterful performance!

  20. Architecture Cow says:

    do you know where to get the sheets of this piano version ? I tried to found some version but it doesn't like sounds that he played.

  21. Kevin Batch says:

    I heard it s a wrong piece of Tchaikovsky s composition. I dont like to hear. it rapes the original composition. it s a blah, blah! not fit to original.

  22. Joseph Stalin says:

    Masterful improvisations but they do not seem appropriate with the piece.

  23. Field Marshal Marc says:

    WTF is this

  24. Yonathan Setyawan says:

    Those improvisation is masters job…but i think it's not really fit with the original…somehow i feel the time i enjoying this masterpiece was intterupted…used to express happiness, enjoyable, relaxing music but this pianist add some "enigmatic" and "Passion"…

  25. Funken says:

    toca muy apurado, para mi pierde el sentido de la piesa que es tan bello

  26. Miguel Perdomo Gómez says:

    que relajante y bella melodia

  27. Gunnar R. says:

    Its the best performance i have heard

  28. lissalives Smoot says:

    Yuck. I've heard much better.

  29. Kai-Xuan Yao says:

    Good to see a piano solo version. Piano duo version is epic, but it's nice to see something else for a change.

  30. akis Saskatchewan says:

    this has nothing to do with the original…its purely skills demonstration….

  31. Leo Schapiro says:

    where can i get the piano sheet for this version, can someone help pls? 😀

  32. Augusto Castro says:

    Very very good

  33. Jaddi says:

    Okay where is his 3rd hand?

  34. 1961juanmiguel says:

    Ochinnikov es un maravilloso pianista que debería estar más en primera línea!

  35. Garrett Swenson says:

    I think this is the greatest piano arrangement of this song!! Excellent performance!

  36. lulem400 says:

    I've been a gifted athlete my whole life, but the piano still eludes me…

  37. Henrado17 says:

    there are some songs that sound good when people put there own flare to it but this is not one of those songs.

  38. Dan says:

    I don't like this arrangement…

  39. eleni elenaki says:


  40. Candid Falcon says:

    Most underrated pianists ever, this is magnific!

  41. Kevin Harty says:

    Being a dancer, I've heard this piece my whole life …
    The interpretation is amazing. Such a different style, it gives you very odd (in a good way) vision of this piece.

  42. berry more says:

    face paced music mixed with waltz? strange

  43. Elerosse Tindomion says:

    Love this version so much XD
    like substantial drops make hits on mirror 🙂 

  44. Uriel Moreira Silva says:

    Did anyone feel like he's playing Liszt?

    Anyways, nice interpretation and perfect technique. 🙂

  45. Matt Lam says:

    this is actually the paraphrase on Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers

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