Patrick Robinson & Anya Cha Cha to ‘Mercy’ – Strictly Come Dancing: 2013 – BBC One

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Patrick Robinson and Anya Garnis dance the Cha Cha to ‘Mercy’.

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23 Responses

  1. Katie Hawkridge says:

    Great dance

  2. Bia Mari says:

    Frumos dar greu

  3. Abbie Hunter says:

    Very fast I need to to this at school

  4. be beatrice says:

    lol did you see her tap his back in the end like "ok you can lift me up now". I love Anya, she's been my favorite contestant from sytycd so far. Thank god she died her hair dark again too. It suits her.

  5. pinksoniauk says:

    1:04 Cheeky cheeky Patrick! lolz

  6. sunny bunny says:

    very very good cha cha !!! the best !!!

  7. Sergey Chernobay Dance Channel says:

    BRAVO! Anya kiss!

  8. Jammyfish says:

    This man looks ill, he`s got a fever!  Saturday night fever, WOW.
    He`s the winner for me.

  9. Tracey Media says:

    Wow, he can move 🙂

  10. Grant Thomas says:

    Anya was in her element and you could tell because she was giving it. Not many people in the world can touch her in latin. She is fab!

  11. Singsonggirl says:

    Anya is getting out the best of Patrick. This must have been one of the hardest routines in this episode and he did marvellously! Love her, love him. What a perfect couple!

  12. Ribena says:

    First time I've actually warmed to Patrick in a dance of his, really liked it!

  13. originofnoise says:

    Yeah baby! That was awesome!

  14. sparkyy260 says:

    honestly I love this dance because of anya… she's freaking awesome! One of the best pro's for sure

  15. Louric Rankine says:

    He actually has the first 9 for a cha cha cha in 4 years..

  16. McNugget25 says:

    Best dance these two have done so far. Anya, queen of the cha, cha, samba, tango, etc. !!!!!

  17. Carolyn Shea says:

    Anya looks like she is having soo much fun!

  18. Emily Wadge says:


  19. Llivingllegend el toro says:

    excellent rendition of dance…loved it thanks

  20. Bruce Wayne says:

    I dont know how i ended up on this video, as its not normally my thing… my only comment is if i spun around as much as she did, i would be dizzy

  21. Helen Bussell says:

    I would have been on my feet if I was in the studio – really thought he danced well!

  22. lisaanne821 says:

    He's cute. Some times stands a bit awkward. But I liked it.

  23. Grant Thomas says:

    Iveta and Anya are easily the two strongest female pros strictly has had! Delivering routine after routine fantastically! Love Patrick in this!

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