Old #1 Intermediate Tap Dance Class by Rod Howell at unitedtaps.com

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31 Responses

  1. MMAFAN Stevens says:


  2. Ainslie Allen says:

    Thanks for the work out! What taps have you got? They sound full and crisp 😉

  3. Tamera says:

    Great class!! I thought the pace was perfect. You need something that is going to push and challenge you in order to grow. The feeling you get when you master it is so awesome!!! Thanks

  4. indigo tango says:

    awesome ! what is the title of the music ?

  5. Yàn Painter says:

    Amazing ! Thank you !

  6. jhonaika moreta says:

    nadie habla español
    dejen su comentario

  7. Fer Hidalgo says:

    Amazing job explaining everything!! I'm so happy I found your channel!! 🙂

  8. Lord Brahaam says:

    I learn english and learn the dance tap, I love me  the dance tap and the language english and spanish from spain. I am from Monterrey, Nuevo leon, Mexico. Friends I'm sorry, my english is very very bad, but I'm working on it, I wait that's me understand

  9. BirdsnBlooms1 says:

    Rod, why are there 'two,' Old, #1 Intermediate Tap Dance Lessons? 
    By chance, is this lesson Advanced? 
    It's much more difficult than the other Old, 1. 

  10. Laura Wiiles says:

    You've got a fantastic teaching style and method, Rod. So enthusiastic, backed up with clear to understand instruction and explanations. Very infectious!  Thank you so much, X

  11. Rodney Howell says:

    I've head of the ISTD but I'm not particularly familiar with it in detail. I have my own syllabus I work off of for my lessons (the newer ones at least) – tapdancesyllabus(dot)com.


  12. Rodney Howell says:

    Most likely it's one or more of the following:

    1. Ankles are too tight.
    2. Lifting feet to high off the floor.
    3. Not lifting the feet high enough

    But the #1 thing you can do o get the sounds is travel more. Even more. Even more. Try to travel 4-6 feet backwards (might be a lot but striving for it will help you get the pull) for each pullback (keep in mind the 3 other things I mentioned above). Once you get the sounds you can start traveling less.


  13. EllaDancer77 says:

    ahh why cant I do a pull back? 🙁 it just doesn't make the noise, I can do everything else though..

  14. Rodney Howell says:

    You're welcome. Glad you're finding my videos helpful. Good luck at your audition!


  15. tefi tardivo says:

    amazing!i love your style!i am from Argentina, and i would love to have a tap lesson with you!thanks you!

  16. Chix Diggit says:

    You are a great instructor! My friend I dance with just bought your step package for the iPod. It is fantastic, I couldn't believe how many steps were on it. Your passion is infectious!

  17. Dawn-Evette Bowman-Le Beau says:

    I just downloaded you action album, nice hint of dubstep running through it. So nice to have such a different take on music for tap! Im a tap teacher myself always looking for new ideas and your lessons are spot on for what Im looking for to teach to my students. Your warm-up is very similar to what I do already but your music is so much better. Say goodbye to Hot Honey Rag!!!!!

  18. Shelby Weston says:

    I'm very impressed at how thoroughly you explain each step in this video! I used to be in a tap class, but the studio closed and being from a rural area,there aren't many options as far as dance schools go. I really appreciate these videos,they make for great practice! Thank you!

  19. MidgetBuddie says:

    Im confused with double flap, ive been to two tap schools, the first one allowed me to put my last double flap foot as forward as possible, but now the new one says both double flap feet have to be parrallel :S … If that makes sense :L

  20. DLZandorfRamash says:

    idk, i think i hate double flap x_x i have problems while doing the second one, after the first flap the second end like a single step (i can successfully do double flap, but only when i do it slower)

    thanks for sharing

  21. tropicyeol says:

    This is brilliant! I've only got as far as about 15mins, but I've loved it so far 🙂 I'm struggling with the double flap, but not for the reasons you suggested. My second foot isn't early or late, I just can't get it to flap. So while my first foot hits the floor with 'and one', my second foot just hits the floor with 'and' (if that makes sense) I seem to be able to do it if I do it slower, so maybe it's just a case of practicing?

  22. Samuel Wulfign says:

    @musictaps Worked out problem thanks. The pace is too fast and quick. Need time to do it comfortably, that way I get to understand what I am doing and have time. Will do the slower part, its not the steps that are the problem, its the pace. I like to have time to learn and to understand and know what I am learning. And then the beauty to be able to process at a reasonable speed. Quick Speed can come later. Or maybe not, I like comfort and a comfortable pace with out stress and strain.


  23. Samuel Wulfign says:

    What a work out. Have accomplished ur beginner lessons, and I found the intermediate too quick for me, have u got a beginner intermediate level?

  24. LoriBarr says:

    love it!! Please teach a little faster though. This is intermediate and you teach like we are beginners. I fall asleep during all the explanation. I get the technique and its most important but you drag it out some. The steps and combos are intermediate but the explanations are beginner. Just please move along a little faster. Thanks

  25. crazykeetgirl says:

    what kind of tap shoes do you recommend for INTERMEDIATE tappers?

  26. Silke Bruyndonckx says:

    love your workout!!!!!

  27. MurielTap says:

    Hum. I don't like capezio's shoes. I prefer shoes made by hands, like "Sr Nieto Spain", its a "Brazilian" brand. They are wonderfull however i hate their sounds!

  28. MurielTap says:

    Rod, what kind of shoes do u use? They looks like very good

  29. Timesteps7 says:

    Rod………….man, you are a genius! For God's sake get discovered and be rich and famous.
    Great, great video.

  30. Keith Marr says:

    Omg! Ive learned more from this one video than I have 4 months taking tap lessons! thank you!! Now I have a new cooler warm up routine!

  31. Amanda Chan says:

    As always great video =)
    It seems that these combinations in the 'new' intermeditate are a lot easier than your earlier ones, which is good, but it seems too easy for me now haha.
    Anyways, keep up the good work =)

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