Northern Soul Girl Dancing 18

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Northern Soul Girl Levanna dancing at a really cool location in Spain. Phenomenol Uptempo Northern Soul track by Soul Incorporated – My Proposal

Young Soul Girl loves to dance. Dancing wherever I feel, and whatever goes. Northern soul is my passion…..

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31 Responses

  1. grant8891 says:

    No words to describe other than just a beautiful song with a beautiful dance to go along with it. Much love from the US

  2. maria sharman says:


  3. lion king says:

    Is she dancing in sunderland ha ha .TOON FAN.

  4. Noel Gilmore says:

    Great video

  5. D Ridley says:

    Lev, you brighten up my day, watching you enjoy this great music is better than breakfast! You would have loved the old clubs- keep the faith x

  6. gerrybasildon says:

    needs fred dibnah s attention

  7. gerrybasildon says:

    gaudy chimney at 0.45

  8. Wayne Edmondson says:

    Sounds loke ur mums from my era u know Lev,im 48yrs,ktf.wayne

  9. galanor7 says:

    Hola Levanna. Bailas super bien, me encanta. Has pensado grabar en Nerja, en el Balcon de Europa. Seguro que seria un precioso video. Saludos de un antiguo Mod´s.

  10. John Girvan says:

    Love it !! You always seem so happy – much love from Scotland x

  11. James Williamson says:

    Love. Song

  12. seanio casey says:

    a singer too, really?

  13. popa dodge says:

    hey levanna any chance of uploading a vid with you dancing to this tune…

  14. ronnie locker says:

    More brill dancing yet again love the song and video xx

  15. buggertheusername says:

    If it had been filmed in the UK, Lev would have had to be in a "Hi-viz" jacket, safety helmet & steel tipped boots. Still, would have cheered me up with her happy smile. The girl never seems to be down. Must be the music!

  16. Women's Fitness DJ says:

    Has anyone proposed to you Lev?:)

  17. Carol Glover says:

    Lovely, Lev! Can we expect to see you dancing to one of your own songs one day? Interesting too, to see that this clip was acknowledged as filmed and produced by someone called Eve Arslett.

  18. J. Sanchez-Hidalgo Alvarez says:

    Me encanta verte bailar y que alguno de vuestros maravillosos videos sean en mi país Keep the faith!!!

  19. jon Kino says:

    Great location for this one, where was it shot.?

  20. razelma says:

    All very good here (y)

  21. Rambles with my camera says:

    Great moves, Great Music, Great photography and Great editing Sending Love from Ireland ♥

  22. 46248 says:

    Hey Lev, the song mentions a solid foundation, but the foundation of that smoke stack in the background doesn't look too solid, watch your back!!!

  23. derekcolman says:

    Brilliant video. It was so good with the lighting and vivid colour, I initially thought it was 4K. As always, the best was your dancing when sometimes you seem to literally float like a butterfly.

  24. jnmklo9 says:

    Since you seem to have demolished the seven rooms of gloom and broken down the walls of heartache, Levanna, and dealt with the proposal I would love to dance with you at your wedding!! Or anywhere actually lol

  25. terry mcevoy says:

    Love it sister KTF XXX

  26. tatishev says:

    Will you MARRY ME please….?

  27. cludge2005 says:

    great tune, great scenery, great dancing = quality video

  28. Adrian Symcox says:

    fantastic as always great dancer keep the faith

  29. PageMonster says:

    Muy Bien!

  30. Paul Hardisty says:

    Another top tune with great energy. Great location. Spain Tourism Board need to keep the faith in you !!

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