Nikki Bella Dating Her Former “Dancing With The Stars” Partner Artem Chigvintsev

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Nikki Bella is dating her former Dancing With The Stars partner Artem Chigvintsev, according to US Weekly. This is Nikki’s first relationship since being engaged to John Cena in April 2018. For more on this story, visit:

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9 Responses

  1. Cenaforever1028 says:

    I heard the rumors for months but I didn't think they were true. Good luck Artem. You dumb bastard lol.

  2. M 17 says:

    Thots always want the feminine dudes

  3. Alex A says:

    WHO THE HELL CARES! (DISCLAIMER: I'm aware people care, Total Bella's is a thing and this site are documenting it. Just… Yaknow?)

  4. Papa Shango says:

    John can you see them?

  5. Ruben Sanchez says:

    Don't worry about him John he's just my friend smh

  6. Henry Robles says:

    I thought that guy was gay LOL

  7. JDOUBLE says:

    Oh wow nikki bella news right around Total Bellas season premiere. What a coincidence?

  8. Gerell Fowler says:

    "Dating for awhile" figures, she had him in her back pocket just in case it didn't work out with Cena smh

  9. XXXUncle__XXXDrew says:


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