Night owl –Bobby paris– northern soul

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Night owl –Bobby paris– northern soul

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18 Responses

  1. Susan Bedford says:

    Love this

  2. Jeff Davis says:

    so spine chillingly cold neck listening to this a true gem

  3. gary codds says:

    Leaves a love.

  4. roger clark says:

    Loved The Night Owl

  5. Bluejon says:

    Night Owl,Leicester

  6. Eileen Llewellyn says:

    One of the best!

  7. Markie Mark says:

    Not heard this for over 30 years!!!!

  8. Kevin Louth says:

    A real classic

  9. nita modette says:

    still a night owl

  10. Savadorason1 says:

    the gr8 music sounds similar to Tom Jones 'It's Not Unusual' 1965.

  11. Savadorason1 says:

    Luuv that sound!

  12. 50Britgirl says:


  13. Gus Espinoza says:

    I can listen to this song a dozen times in a row and never get tired of it.

  14. MrArmspark says:

    The Dogs Bollocks, i beat Mike Read Radio1 beat the Jock in the 70's with this song.Not heared this song for so long, tears in the eyes now…The Night Owl….No1

  15. TheOkehman says:

    When i opened the doors to the main hall at the Casino…i would always glance up at the purple flourescent strip lighting.I knew then i had arrived into our secret society..i also got an instant surge of energy!! i never took gear as iv always been a fitness fanatic but the music and the energy,enthusiam and atmosphere of that iconic place…sent me into ecstacy! And im still lookin for the same buzz…Prestatyn was very near…sadly its met its demise after 10 soultastic years!! Dave from York

  16. Carole Ashton says:

    epitome of tunes!

  17. merseymained says:

    @rockin1953- for years i always thought this was the original. Wrong!!

  18. Soulboy Craig says:

    This is so very underated,its such a fantastic song.

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