New Dance Music 2018 dj Club Mix | Best Remixes of Popular Songs (Mixplode 165)

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Best Remixes of Popular Songs Dance Club Mix 2018, Mixplode 165 by dj PeeTee
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38 Responses

  1. Sinisa K. says:

    this is just awful to dance to, for listening ok but how can new kids dance in the clubs? just as some beat starts to make you move there comes down beat and some solo so generic and standard its like its heard already 100 times… all songs are so similar, all using that kind of scratchy sounds…

    90s were like 1000 times better, just look at old tapes how that looked in clubs… now clubs are like dead houses for zombie posers

    i mean we are all nostalgic but that is reality, we had great clubs and parties, crazy fun…it was so wild and people went out to have fun and dance…not to pose and take pictures. also music was better, no copy paste all the time, better beats to dance. this now is abouzt making money, giving you what goes for that period of 10 years… no originality, no soul

  2. Marinko Kos says:

    Super pozdrav iz Croacia

  3. New year says:

    I like club music. i don't like this.

  4. Diego Dos Santos says:

    O nome da primeira música? Please

  5. Mal Bey says:


  6. LordM1nd says:

    i come here just for photo ! from where i cant get FULL photo ? :))

  7. 하던데로해 says:

    26:17 What's the title of this part?

  8. lovely rose says:


  9. LED Make Light says:

    Nice Mi❎

  10. Adam Fry says:

    My shoes are on fire! Great mix!

  11. PONY Effect says:

    2019 Anyone?

  12. vhively says:

    It’s a fine day??? And to start off with it too. My heart!!!!

  13. Mario Antunez says:

    Name first track plis

  14. snokful says:

    The vocals on the first one are from the 90s??

  15. SEM Music Management says:


  16. Rakanarshi2 says:

    First song got me thinking of a certain SCP…I really hope I don't turn into a forrest or some shit lol.

  17. Jas Gaming says:

    man i like this song but my favorite part is the girl.


  18. Erick De Castro says:

    I REALLY LOVE IT!!!!!!

  19. Victor ACH says:

    where can i find the pic please 🙂

  20. Sem pirat says:

    Первую песню кто поет?

  21. MrZz Sorphea {Music-Producer} Official says:

    Sub me too bro, i will sub back.

  22. U-Rock Radio Montreal says:

    Hey would you mind if i featured your mix on my station for my new years playlist my station is u-rock radio montreal i feature rock music dance and country and im looking for mixes for my new years party mix let me know if you want email me at [email protected] 🙂

  23. c0284 says:

    wow 🙂

  24. lawlestest says:

    First song is already trash, and to top it off, a skinny twig slut picture. Amazing … Not. disliked.

  25. Reverse Crucifix KM - EDM Producer says:

    I love this #dancemusic Merry christmas.

  26. Elise Salkanovic says:

    You ar de besttttttttttttttttttt love you

  27. Elise Salkanovic says:


  28. casinoBALTIMORE1 says:

    You rock

  29. Angel Fermo says:

    Bugallion concert

  30. ChamaChama says:

    They don't give us the names of the tunes

  31. Charles Pearson says:

    u 4 hire

  32. Miklovan Kurti says:


  33. Ian Diru says:

    enjoying the mix all the waaaaaaaaaay from Kenya

  34. Mario Namewontwork says:

    IDKW but every time theres a picture of a sexy slut the music sounds better.


    I love this music that you are make great sound I like i like it so much

  36. Pinczés Barnabás says:

    magyar vok gec

  37. Mustafa Yılmaz says:

    Very good music..

  38. dominik dubai says:

    huge music mixes nice keep it up

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