Music for Tap Dance – “Mister B (Fast Swing 2)” – Original Piano Music for All Tap Levels

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Track #18 “Mister B (Fast Swing 2)” from the album “Music for Tap Dance – Original Piano Music for All Tap Levels” by Søren Bebe.
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About the album:

“Music for Tap Dance” is a compilation album from pianist and composer Søren Bebe.
The albums consists of 37 of the most energetic, rhythmic, swinging and jazzy songs derived from his four highly acclaimed albums with piano music for ballet classes: “Music for Ballet & Contemporary Classes” , “Music for Ballet Class Vol.1”, “Music for Ballet Class Vol.2” and “Music for Ballet Class Vol.3 – with a Jazz twist”.
All songs have been renamed for this release to better describe the style and tempo of each song and to avoid the use of classical ballet terms.


About the composer:

Søren Bebe is a leading pianist and composer in the European jazz and contemporary music scene. He also runs the YouTube channel, BalletMusicDK, where he regularly uploads his music for ballet classes – originals as well as cover versions of jazz and pop hits.

As a freelance accompanist for dance, Søren has worked at, among other places, The Royal Danish Ballet, The Royal Danish Ballet School, Danish Dance Theatre, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Dansehallerne and The Pantomime Theatre in Tivoli.


Complete album track list and credentials:

Slow Swing
1. Swing Time 01:31
2. Tapping away 01:28
3. Get Moving 00:42
4. Homage to Hines 01:38
5. I Can Do That 01:26
6. Anything Jazz 02:44

Medium Swing
7. Crazy for Tap 01:15
8. Juba Jazz 01:49
9. Bouncing Bubbles 01:06
10. Swinging for Smith 02:18
11. Happy Snappy 02:23
12. To SG 01:18
13. The Brothers 02:14
14. Shall We? 01:13
15. Tap the Night Away 02:10
16. Sims City 01:05

Fast Swing
17. Fred 01:29
18. Mister B 00:53
19. Bring in the Swing 00:50
20. Happy Feet 01:01
21. Song for Shirley 01:08
22. Swing It 00:55
23. Let’s Dance 01:11

Straight 8’s
24. Ginger 00:55
25. Straighten Up 00:50
26. Sammy 00:47
27. Show Must Go On 01:33
28. Even Even 01:40
29. Mr Robinson 01:42

Jazz Waltz
30. Waltz for Sarah 03:06
31. Waltz for Brenda 02:30
32. Waltz for Melinda 05:09

33. Tango Tap 02:24
34. Tango for Three 02:45
35. Gregory’s Gigue 01:17
36. Gigue for Glover 01:12
37. Blues for Buck 01:22


All music on my channel BalletMusicDK are designed to accompany ballet classes and can be used for both beginners, intermediate and advanced classes as well as pointé work and children’s ballet classes. But a lot of my music also works great for jazz dance, tap dance, contemporary dance and other dance styles.

The music is also ideal just for listening and as background music for studying, reading, relaxing or for meditation.

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