Mr. T and Kym’s Waltz – Dancing with the Stars

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Mr. T and Kym Johnson Waltz to “Amazing Grace” by Ray Chew Live on Dancing with the Stars’ Season 24 Most Memorable Year!

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38 Responses

  1. The Q says:

    This is incredibly breathtaking. Left me speechless and with tears!

  2. Tayevaughn Williams says:

    God bless you

  3. Tayevaughn Williams says:

    AMEN! I loved the dance. But that girl in the center can SING

  4. MARTINNOT1 says:

    It demostrates that you cant believed in people or they are very very kind, they clapped Mr. T for dance(?)!!

  5. Abdullah Alshli says:

    Conan brought me here! Mr T seems like a really nice guy..

  6. Tony Lopez says:


  7. Expo Kids 365 says:

    Amen that was amazing.

  8. Eskil Tester says:

    I am not religious in any way but I respect this man's faith and how he deals with struggles using that faith.
    he is an amazing human being.

  9. JtheMan 46 says:

    He did good, yes he did

  10. Jozef Hatert says:

    Childhood hero

  11. The Greasy Strangler says:

    he still looks good!

  12. Ericc E Solitude says:

    I'm glad he' fought the cancer and won he's doing good now

  13. AcaJudi JudiJudiJudi says:

    Thank you for being a wonderful friend at Dingbats. You will love, "I Won't Complain"

  14. TheMemeFactory says:

    Never thought I'd see a tear from mr t

  15. Ben Johnson says:

    Wow Mr T, I impressed. Good work!

  16. Cool MinecraftKid123 says:

    Judgement Day is coming. Please for the sake of your souls, repent of your sins. Ask the Lord to bless you and your loved ones. He is an almighty and loving God. Please, turn to him throughout your troubles and hardships. He will bless you.

  17. ojideagu says:

    lol this is like the dance in beauty and the beast

  18. the black lab dog says:

    that waltz was just really really really really bad I am glad he went

  19. Poetry Slay says:

    I'm happy he got over his battle with cancer. was able to share his story and he was able to be on dancing with the stars. Hats off to his efforts.

  20. Cyndy Groves says:

    I know he didn't win, but I didn't see this original episode, either. DWTS is just not one of my shows. But watching this episode, here on YouTube, even knowing the eventual outcome, I found myself rooting for him. He's such a wonderful person. The kind of person you want to see keep beating the odds! I've loved Mr. T from the beginning! Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson will NEVER be B.A. Baracus to me!!! You go, Mr. T! You show 'em!

  21. no hassle says:

    I pity the cancer that tried to mess with T.

  22. Adam Cozart says:

    They should bring back his cereal.

  23. Sylvia Hart says:

    I didn't know about the cancer Mr. T. had.

  24. Charis Alexander says:

    I love Mr. T.Not only because of his movie roles,but because of his faith. If anyone doesn't like him,not only is he a disgrace to the man race, I PITY THE FOOL!

  25. Mary 117 says:

    Not bad Mr. T!

  26. Hylefavud says:

    Well done Mr. T. Well done. To God be the glory <3. Kym, thank you for such a beautiful choreography 🙂

  27. simon heywood says:


  28. MizSazz says:

    I personal rather watch someone like mr t who is not a gifted dancer but try's and grows then someone who gifted right off the bat but that's me

  29. Alida N says:

    Mr T, you are the best and Americans love you. You gave me chills whe I saw you dance. Fantastico!

  30. KJJ says:

    He sure did inspire other people!!!!!

  31. Chelsea Canales says:

    Mr. T is my favourite people, because the man looks tough, but even he had to go through with the toughest opponent: cancer. His story about how much he has so much faith and believes in God, helps him get through the pain that he had to go through.

    Matthew Chapter 19: 26: "With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

  32. Alex Williford says:

    Mr. T really improved in his faithful waltz to Amazing Grace with all 7s. Should we call him Mr. Terrible,Mr. Terrific or Mr. Tearjerker since he got eliminated that week. I wish God could've helped him one more week in the competition just like when Carlos and Witney danced to this song

  33. Arissa Vaughn says:

    How can anyone dislike a video like this? You have to be an awful human being to dislike someone sharing an experience very personal to them. He battled with cancer and won, now he's dancing on a very popular show. I congratulate him extremely for overcoming such a terrible situation and going on Dancing with the Stars.

  34. peckerdecker says:

    why is a action icon star like mt.t doing some tacky crappy show?
    tv/ reality shows in this millennium suck!
    what happened to shows with great writers and stories?

  35. Taylor Nicole Lofton says:

    God is good

  36. Layla Larkey says:

    That was amazing I don't know why people voted to get rid of him he went through an actual crisis and lived to tell the tale. It was a miracle you guys are crazy if you voted him off of dancing with the stars

  37. Tiny Toy Shop says:

    Why does it seem that any Christian is kcked off these types of shows quite early?

    Nevertheless, thank you Mr. T for giving God the glory for everything in your life <3

  38. ZeppelinLover549 says:

    Very very beautiful

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