Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance

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Music video by Men Without Hats performing The Safety Dance. (C) 2007 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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24 Responses

  1. Ashley Hatcher says:

    Feel your butt by butthole when squatting to tighten those muscles

  2. Wyatt Graham says:

    This is the new darude-sandstorm

  3. Mrinmoyee Das says:

    This was the last dance at my wedding. Best decision ever.

  4. Squid says:

    Better without the frog… am i right?

  5. Dungeon12 says:

    Just something I remember
    0:00 Start

  6. Popular Culture Inc. says:

    Hut Tub Time Machine

  7. John Bull says:

    This is clickbait, one of these men has a hat… I am upset

  8. krayzeejojo says:

    I’m an 80’s kid, and IDKWTF I just watched. Also, Ivan giving off the impression that he didn’t wanna do this video is hilarious lol.

  9. MurderousReptile says:

    gagy like this song

  10. TheVHSAlfer says:

    That’s a short version

  11. Rektinator Swagmaster says:

    Vailskibum anyone

  12. Naes says:

    these guys must suck at tf2

  13. Blake Harvard says:


  14. Soraya Esfandiary says:

    This music makes me happy. Today's crap makes me angry and nauseous.

  15. Kittykat Awesomepants says:

    Is everyone just going to ignore the dog at 0:56 ?

  16. TheEarlymtv says:

    when I use to watch this on mtv in summer of 83. I always thought the midget and woman were part of the band..

  17. CharlesXavier says:

    We can dance. We can dance. Everybody crap in your pants.

  18. TheBeastUnleashed 87 says:

    Who else came from 8-BitGaming's TRTF 5 video?

  19. Robert Christerson says:

    Jonah song 1982-1984 ..

  20. Bill_Clinton69 says:

    Unidisc upload has higher quality audio

  21. J Taft says:

    th-there's a video for this song?

  22. Kelli ***** says:

    Who remembers the Pauly Shore + Stephen Baldwin movie Bio-dome? Yea…this song is the shit fo real.

  23. igluver15 says:

    This is how every Renaissance faire should look like

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