Martha Argerich – Ravel Piano Concerto in G major / Ravel bolero (2016)

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Ravel Piano Concerto and Ravel bolero

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32 Responses

  1. ishikawa sousuke says:

    9:00 the second mov

  2. Miriam Feyga says:

    the bonus piece is gorgeous. what is that?

  3. Iva Bongiovanni says:

    Eccellente video, grande orchestra, grande pianista e poi il Duomo!

  4. Tatsuya Nagashima says:

    Her Ravel concerto, in my opinion is the best! Bernstein's live recording (him conducting from the piano) is also amazing.

  5. huismanq says:

    2016 was quite a special year for her. She played 4 concerts in front of very large audiences: 2 concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in London (Proms & RPhO jubilee), 1 concert at the Waldbühne, and this one.

  6. Tommy X says:

    Amazing how she can still kill it.

  7. Max Lima says:

    You download my stuff and repost it here lol

  8. Jean Loh says:

    from Bolero 37:00 the horn section they are all in trance…!

  9. net60man says:

    Me in world impressed by woman strong as them self

  10. net60man says:

    Me love her too

  11. net60man says:

    Nobody knows thei beenjusr ordonarie kill if you want

  12. vcortes409 says:

    Nadie puede hacer esta maravilla, salvo Martha.

  13. net60man says:

    I min värld är det här mycket bra, hoppas Martha förstår det

  14. net60man says:

    Love women who know their value

  15. net60man says:

    Interesting will pass by some other time . Because little bit to long for me today.

  16. Muller Mauro says:

    Great. The Best

  17. Robert Lee, Countertenor says:

    Another slow movement that tears your heart out!

  18. Robert Lee, Countertenor says:

    Yaaaas Martha, bandages…suffer for us, Martha! Yaaas

  19. Hitome says:

    I just don't understand Ravel.

  20. 小林顕 says:

    9:00 sound of silence. purity..solemnity..

  21. Jean Loh says:

    9:00 … she looks up before attacking this movement, so deep, so touching, so beautiful…pure solo, her inner world…

  22. Julia Mart says:

    Does anyone know what they played for the encore?

  23. József Bódi says:

    Martha még mindíg a legnagyszerűbb művész. Mindent tud, és mindent jobban tud…

  24. Frank Martin says:

    awesome sound ,awesome filming ,,awesome performance, awesome composition

  25. Theresa Heidel says:

    at 8:91 the true magic begins..transports me to another, greater world

  26. Theresa Heidel says:

    effortless magic in the hands of a real master…not just technique but artistry to the highest degree..she is one with the music

  27. 111AdAgio111 says:

    Could you announce the name of orchestra and conductor ?

  28. 333mrwill says:

    Lawdy, brothers and sisters  —  she's the best.  (And 75 years old here, too).

  29. aslı akçin says:

    ıt was exlencet

  30. 투시 says:

    와 ㄷㄷ하군ㄷㄷ

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