Maddie Ziegler Learns a Dance Routine with The Rockettes

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Teen Vogue surprised Maddie Ziegler with a trip to Radio City Music Hall to learn a dance routine choreographed by The Rockettes.

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Maddie Ziegler Learns a Dance Routine with The Rockettes

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34 Responses

  1. R3Plicated Boy says:

    Maddie would be perfect for the Rockettes if only she was at the same height.

  2. Ava Bragalone says:

    Wow she learned that whole dance in one day, and she didn't forget ant of it. It would take my 300 days to get that dance down!

  3. Ella Johns says:

    She has an insane amount of professionalism for a 13 year old.

  4. Anonyme User says:

    This is were puberty hit her.

  5. Michelle A A says:

    SHE KILLED IT !!!!

  6. Sofia Olave says:

    she so good god, she is born to dance, she literally killed it

  7. lexisingsforyou says:

    Ahhh she’s just a star lol I swear I could watch her dance forever

  8. Elaine Rogers says:

    Wtf why didn’t Chloe do this, that is all she wanted her entire to life was to grow up to be a rockette like what is this

  9. Deejay Alvarez says:


  10. Gracie Wizard says:

    she could be a rockette

  11. Izzy Cate says:

    I love Maddie but you can tell that she wasn’t ever on a high school dance team where they do kick routines all the time because her kicks aren’t even in flexibility unlike a dancer who does have kick routines more consistently

  12. Kenna Grace says:

    Dude she was like 13 in this she did amazing

  13. Autumn Martin says:

    Just disappointing that Chloe asked Abby if she thought she could be a rockets someday and Abby saying yes meant the world to her and she never got this opportunity

  14. Darcie Maple x says:

    Is it just me or does maddie look like she has no top on (1:34) no offence love her x

  15. Evelyn da gymnast!!! says:

    In the last one she messed up a little bit near the end of the dance. But she was better than anybody else their.

  16. Allison Kendrick says:

    I feel kinda bad for Chloe because in season 1 or 2 she said her dream was to be a rocket and now Maddie got this opportunity of course

  17. Colette Dawson says:

    The girl who was next to Maddie on the right is my dance teacher sister

  18. Joanne McKinney says:

    Omg Chloe said she wanted to be a rocket some day

  19. represent .com/crankthatfrank says:

    Awh Chloe should have been there too

  20. Kimmoya Crave says:

    Theh are wonderful

  21. Parsiwi Paramaputri says:

    Well…. she is a dancer

  22. Trending Tv says:

    Are they a drill team?

  23. B BRITTANY says:

    Chloe’s dream

  24. Olive Adora says:

    Then u realize she danced in heals.

  25. Eystathia Gentimi says:

    I love you maddie

  26. Hạnh Lê says:

    2018 … This is such a well-produced video! The music, the transitions, the interview, Maddie's outfit, everything works together and it is just so heart-warming and satisfying to watch

  27. Alice says:

    Awesome job Maddie! You make it look so easy!

  28. 〈3jazztapballet〈3 says:

    So Awesome, @MaddieZeigler!!! You look amazing with them!!! ❤

  29. Kayleigh Lee says:

    Def should have been Chloe.

  30. LifeofTaty says:

    I love Maddie so much, but also feel bad because this was Chloes dream. I wish all the girls could have followed their dreams, but there’s something so special about Maddie!

  31. Rianne Seballos says:

    she blended in so well and her kicks were amazing. I think she would pass being a rockette she is just shorter than them

  32. Samantha Lynn says:

    I am on my school drill team and we are a kick line. My coach wants to take us to see the Rockettes in the Christmas spectacular sometime

  33. Emilia Fusaro says:

    Anyone here 2018?

  34. Angel Moore, WQMX says:


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