Love N Dancing (Full Movie) Drama Romance | Professional Dancers

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An English teacher (Amy Smart) and a former dance champion (Tom Malloy) may become more than just dance partners. As they compete for the world title, their passion ignites against a backdrop of spectacular dancing.
Drama. Romance

Directed: Robert Iscove
Cast: Amy Smart, Tom Malloy, Billy Zane, Caroline Rhea, Rachel Dratch Betty White
Rated PG-13

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15 Responses

  1. bree Washington says:

    Awesome movie! I'm so glad that Jessica found her true passion and one true love!

  2. Leslie Nail says:

    We never had cool crap like that

  3. Paula Oliver says:

    I love this movie

  4. Zane Staley says:

    Sweet movie. Nice to see something wholesome that I can watch with my daughter

  5. Topanga BlackFang1998 says:

    Best dance movie I have seen for a long time.

  6. squirtmph says:

    Jack needed allot WD-40. He's not great dancer not in the movie or out… Hair cut will be a plus

  7. Luis Rojas says:

    Just beautiful

  8. kelvianna epperson says:

    Watching this movie made me wanna learn ballroom and I love the just like this song. I really like learning Latin ballroom

  9. Gloria A says:

    Loved the movie!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anna M says:

    I really enjoyed this movie from the begining til the end

  11. Sandra Polichino says:

    Great Dancing !!! Love love love it !!!

  12. Jeff Bruce says:

    All 'round exciting flick here!! And, I gotta say, Betty Whites' cameo is THE BOMB!!! Thx PPF for yet another great quality upload, ehya

  13. Almaz Abraha says:

    Nice movie

  14. Allen Leviticus says:

    Like it

  15. Barbara Lane says:

    Loved the movie, wish their was a part 2

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