Liberty Swing 2018 Champion Strictly Swing Finals Jordan Frisbee & Victoria Henk

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Official event videos recorded at Liberty Swing Dance Championships in New Brunswick, NJ. This annual event features West Coast Swing competitions, workshops and 4 nights of social dancing.

Production resources and videography services provided by Dance Jam Productions. Camera work and editing by Moments of Dance LLC

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19 Responses

  1. Nurse JoCo says:

    Victoria has incredible musicality and phrasing. Gorgeous

  2. 113 DmG says:

    Pure talent is extremely satisfying to watch.

  3. Michi says:

    Did his belt broke? 😀

  4. Ivonne Vela says:

    so in love with them, the rhythm and the way they move!!!

  5. James Clark says:

    1:07 This is why I prefer this version better than the one with Ben. I feel like Jordan allowed Victoria to be a little more creative in this dance.

  6. Maria Lemos says:

    Very good

  7. Monika Łabęcka says:

    He is amazing!!!!! Total body control and he complements Victoria so well <3 he lets her shine but he is doing incredible work! I am so impressed

  8. Małgorzata Złoty says:

    You are amazing!

  9. GoelWCS says:

    1:32 : "Your magic !" (not that sure)
    2:10 : "Not here..yet ! Later, right ?! " (lol !)
    2:54 : Eyebrow lead !

  10. DP 63 says:

    Ewww … so ballroomy. What a shame, since they could be amazing swing dancers.

  11. Cynthia McCullough says:

    Omg, that was great!

  12. Beatrice Peter says:

    Enjoyed it! Thoroughly!

  13. S K says:

    Victoria become really amazing dancer over the years. Many more years to come enjoying her creativity

  14. Avis Wrentmore says:

    she is a star:) so flawless:)

  15. Sam Bailey says:

    Here's another couple of outstanding dancers I hadn't yet seen. And boy, am I now glad that I did. You bet I am! The guy, Jordan Frisbee, is clearly a talented dancer and he was the perfect partner for the girl, Victoria Henk. And the girl? First, Victoria is obviously a woman…and a beautiful, wonderfully sexy woman she is. More than that, wow! can she dance. Another poster mentioned her footwork. Oh, and it IS fantastic. These dancers, especially Victoria, are skilled and talented. They're also clearly a creative couple of young dancers—and yes, it looks like they're having a blast! Good job!!

  16. MsShaundee says:

    Wow – Victoria is doing so much incredible footwork/styling it difficult to catch it all! And you can just see how much fun they're having. Love it!

  17. Zdena Adámková says:

    Miluji to tolik

  18. Dottie Smith says:

    Love it.

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