Legion Bolero de Ravel music scene

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Pretty awesome part of the episode

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  1. softie2 says:

    I'm just curious, I've had so many subscribers since I uploaded this video and I thank you for the support but none of this was my work which is obvious, I just want to know why most of you did sub to me, so I can maybe adapt to it and maybe do something with this channel.

  2. Declan Corey says:

    I love this show

  3. LadyDeepDishPizza says:

    Noah Hawley should be the one responsible in introducing the X-Men to the MCU. Legion, other than Logan, is the best on screen adaptation when it comes to the X-Men. #mutantforlife

  4. Produsión Jurásica Produxiones says:

    Activate Windows


    better than westworld , you just need understand it

  6. Wilson Wijaya says:

    I really dun get why is it shot like a silent film except foor juz pure "style"

  7. richard alvarado says:

    Do you have to be on drugs to make absolute sense of this TV show?

  8. Vuilnis God says:

    how was Oliver's music helping?

  9. The Black Rose électrique says:

    best tv show scene ever i most also admit i find this scene beautiful is that wierd?

  10. Fábio Hawthorne Amaral says:

    Incomplete sound and scene doh

  11. TalesOf Gore says:

    took me a couple watches to realize Oliver is spelling the word "SHIELD" with Astral manipulation.

  12. LunaticReason says:

    What they said about this scene at last yours Comic Con about this scene and reason behind this music makes this scene even more awesome because the composition was a result of the composers Dementia.

  13. lee gibson says:

    Love that little two step dance Lenny does when she walks towards them. Perfect.

  14. Eduardo Barbosa says:

    i just realized that lenny makes the same dance Syd did, so maybe they´re all realy only on davids head

  15. Emanuel Gaspar says:

    Legion is an artwork, a masterpiece. Only few will understand

  16. Ivanti cristus says:

    Is it me or Dan Stevens could play a young Gregory House?

  17. tcphll says:

    This show is so wonderfully weird. I can't get enough of it. I just finished season 2 and already want to rewatch it from the beginning because I know I've missed a lot.

  18. Caren Northcutt says:

    Her hair reminds me of Edward Scissorhands. In a good way.

  19. Pat Wood says:

    Lenny kicks ass

  20. Barbarkuş says:

    Music name?

  21. TwoClipTrip says:

    Ok but why did they make her look like Lady Gaga’s alter ego

  22. lee gibson says:

    Lenny is perfection

  23. Adino1 says:

    Pretty sure this is the best series on tv now.

  24. Pete Jordan says:

    So I just searched for Ravel's Bolero since it was stuck in my head and I ended up on this video with Jermaine Clement and Aubrey Plaza trying to break my brain. What the hell is this?

    First off. That was a fun synthesized version of Borlero. Secondly, What the Hell is This? What a mind bender. I may just have to check this show out.

  25. LastMumzy says:

    This is some seriously trippy [email protected] going on here…

  26. Yonathan Lopez says:

    Activa tu windows oe >:v

  27. Arunasva Bhuyan says:

    They shouldve explored the Telekinetic dude more

  28. Vuilnis God says:

    What was Oliver actually doing in this scene?

  29. Julia Junqueira says:

    Algum BR é fã de legion?

  30. Divyanshu Raj says:

    David, the son of Prof. X!!!!!

  31. Eleştirel Tarih says:

    Activate Windows dude

  32. Денис Бушин says:

    этот сериал просто бомба

  33. 잇호 says:

    Okay whoever directed this scene.. This one is just epic

  34. Lex Knight says:

    This scene is art. I do not say this lightly.

  35. Alex T says:

    I love this show. It's the best love action show that I know.

  36. Théodore Terlinden says:

    this show is art! especially season 2

  37. SimmerJonny says:

    Best scene in the entire show! Perfect!

  38. Andria Riley Anderson says:

    This show is beyond comparison. The first time I watched this scene, I was completely sitting still with my mouth open. I've looked it up on here to watch it again…and again.

  39. Alan Rocha says:


  40. Lucy says:

    Dude, Aubrey Plaza as Edward Scissorhands looks amazing xD

  41. Patryk Pudlo says:

    It wasn’t a good idea to watch it while completely baked;)

  42. Emma Cascone says:


  43. apachedisco says:


  44. Ezequiel Marquez says:

    Aubrey plaza out here looking like tim burton…..

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