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@BrinnNicoleGooch | @Pumpfidence

Thank you all so much for watching my select groups from class performing my choreography to “Teeth” by Lady Gaga
Will list dancer tags soon!

We had so much fun with this one 😀 Happy Halloween!

DANCERS in group order…
@BrinnNicoleGooch | @TheeMargieD (will add the other two later today) | @MorganCeely | @BFongg @LizzyFriedman | (will add the last three later today)

LOCATION: Playground LA

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40 Responses

  1. iluminacho says:

    2:55 I'd like a moment to appreciate the Halloween queen, vampire vibe giving, mid-tiddy goth gf, darkness summoner, Supernatural special episode feature, Penny Dreadful witchcraft bringing, Persephone that is this woman

  2. Sara says:

    oml if I wasn't gay before I sure as hell am now

  3. Domon C says:

    Uuuuuuuuuhm. Yeah. Def wish i looked like the first girl wtf

  4. MagicalKid says:

    Yes beat that floor with yo pussay!

  5. Thomas R says:

    They broke Youtube ! 😮

  6. Kristina Draughan-Ellis says:

    Love love looooove this choreography! ❤

  7. Max Dejong says:

    Every man in that room is literally drooling

  8. Commander Jane Shepard says:

    Well that's official.

    I feel sexually woke now.

  9. queen elizabitch says:

    I… I SWEAR I'm straight

  10. Jessica Rabbit says:

    I always love this song.

  11. Kay cass says:

    That was…intense

  12. may kek says:

    HI can know who is that lad at 5:28.. i like to see her dance..

  13. sammi lynn says:

    Someone PLEASE tell me who the 3rd girl is

  14. Taamz Heart says:

    they were all so amazing oml

  15. Christine says:

    The first was amayzing

  16. 2D's blue-ty shorts says:

    Oh whoops I'm super gay

  17. Constantino C says:

    That's why i'm gay.

  18. Karen julie Attard says:

    Never heard this song before but I love it! Powerful beat, great lyrics and the dancing is just awesome. I wish I could move like that but am content to sit and watch and tap my toes to the beat

  19. responsible lobster says:

    I am a man with no ass but im tottally gonna learn this tbh this is fantastic this is raw sexiness as an art i love it

  20. emily monaghan says:

    i am so gay.

  21. ChriStina Sims says:

    These dancers are fierce. The fact that they dance in heels blows my mind. I’d have broken my neck.

  22. Ella N says:

    who is it at 3:30 ish? dancing goals honestly..

  23. Emmaliana McBryant says:

    This is the best! So sexy omg!

  24. SRC Tales says:

    unblock taki taki plzzz

  25. sirsqueeps alot says:

    please get the other video unblocked :O

  26. sirsqueeps alot says:


  27. Toko Farulava says:

    I think I’m str8 now

  28. psychoooo69 says:

    Can someone please show this to Lady Gaga?! Incredible

  29. Shelly Jain says:

    soo sexi dance

  30. webis says:

    So… I'm gay now.

  31. jessica ortiz says:

    Love this one

  32. jessica white says:

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuucking hell thats sexxxxxy

  33. Mohit singh says:

    why this choreo is so attractive

    wait i know the reason
    i am a dude

  34. Vanessa Yaroschak says:

    This is fire, I say this probably every video but you never fail to bring a bomb sexy number! Makes me wanna get back into dance!

  35. Romi Soria says:

    Esta buenísima la coreo!!

  36. Moa says:

    the goth girl is so sexy…im am now bisexual

  37. Delon Black says:


  38. Thunder storm080 says:

    4:30 yep I think I'm gay now

  39. wonkguy says:

    Love this and it turned me into a Lady Gaga fan. Good fun.

    Youtube needs a repeat function.

  40. shanty Kganyago says:

    They killed it

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