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who do you think does the best girl group dance? thanks for watching and please comment video requests so i know which videos you guys want so i’ll get those out quicker. although i do have some video ideas already ^^ hope you enjoy!

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21 Responses

  1. Blood Orange Soda says:

    That Hyuk outro tho, that by far was the best XD

  2. Dylailah xxh says:

    Nobody is ging tot talk about how cute and sexsy that whas 19:37

  3. Sân si channel says:


  4. BTS ARMY yay says:

    BTS ARMY anyone?

  5. sabryna santos says:

    Momoland meme que foi visto por isso é o que foi visto como fazer ligação com os dias de kpop

  6. Leandrey Louise Valencia says:


  7. Sop Com says:

    BtS lot nas I dol

  8. ธนพร แสงเลื่อม says:


  9. Samati bts says:

    Jungkook watches a lot of girl group videos it seems

  10. lanita kawaii says:

    5:01 todos haciendo el paso de la piernita, se nota lo que mas les llama la atención a los cochinotes XD

  11. Mark got7 says:


  12. LP SDOOW says:

    Let’s face it we are all here so we could watch BTS RM, Jimin, and Jungkook do their hip thrusts @ 18:55 and the song is EXID Up & Down

  13. วลัญช์ภัทร พูนมาก says:


  14. Alanna-Eponine Li says:


  15. kim dahyun says:


  16. Jojo P says:

    What I just noticed: Boy groups use gg dances for comical purpose and girl groups use bg dances to show off their skill. (most of the time) quite interesting…

  17. Mayara Pereira says:

    sistar are definitely queens

  18. Jose De Leon says:

    10:50 snsd is shaking.

  19. Dan Khanh says:

    BTS số 1

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