Jubel – Dancing In The Moonlight (feat. NEIMY)

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• Picture by Roberto Nickson

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19 Responses

  1. WaterMark says:

    Only issue is that it's too short! This needs to last forever!

  2. Ugnė A says:

    So relaxing…make a hour version of this!

  3. Gabbe Gabbe says:


  4. LeonelGotDrums 2 says:

    Listen the song in 1,25x it’s good (:

  5. Juliette Kollmann says:

    wow Goosebumps<3 now dis is tight just purfect 😉

  6. Anders Cronstierna says:

    Sorry… But No fantasy at all.. Take an old song and remix it… Thats how they do music these days…

  7. Anonym1993 Karro says:

    Bra cover! Duktig hon är!

  8. pewdieOPS YT says:

    U are on NRJ sweden

  9. ItsMeNina Nguyen says:

    at first i was just like. "Wii music??"

  10. Thrill98 says:

    not often you can see how remake is better than original

  11. Ludwig Edfast says:


  12. Ian Hancock says:

    her voice is so nom nom

  13. Big Box says:

    Such gorgeous vocals…

  14. Sam Vahnenko says:

    #fuck you

  15. scree #fanpage says:

    Bad and skrt

  16. NFSDodger33 says:

    Anyone heard this song in the radio in sweden comment yes

  17. Dillar Said says:

    Its shit and its sucks Dick . When i hear this song i wanna die

  18. Headin82 says:

    Any1 a playlist of stuff similar to this? I know theres a ton on the channel itself but covers a wide range of genres. Specially this type.of.stuff. relaxed and chilled n groovy

  19. Sándor Bella says:


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